A guilt free day off

I didn’t write yesterday, not because I didn’t want to, but because I thought a day off would be good.

Typically prior ‘day off’s have been decided at the end of the day, when I’m tired and the baby has fallen asleep on me, or things just aren’t clicking – in reality, that’s not much of a day off though, not when you’ve only decided on it an hour before you go to bed.

So this time it was a day off from the start! And it was really nice. I got through some more work on the Collection, and am still looking forward to it being finished wooo. And just hung out with the girls, worked on getting Lauren sleeping better during the day etc and it’s really paying off! Even if I have to hold her so she gets some sleep it’s meaning I am getting more zzzz’s at night.

Last night she only woke twice (I’m not counting the time I accidently woke her up because I was awake and moved too much…) and I got one block of three hours sleep, one of four, and another one after that. FOUR HOURS!!! that’s our best for awhile, keeping in mind that 6 is the longest in her entire life. As a result, I’m feeling really quite good this morning!

So where does that leave us for today?

I’m not sure yet. We’re heading out to a friends this morning and then we’ll see what the afternoon brings. I’d like to nail down the cover for the Collection, as well as get the text for the back of the cover and the intro done as well. And if I get some of my own writing done this evening then that’s great. If not, I’ll call it another day off and get back into it tomorrow. I really want to get my other commitments dealt to first though so that come the end of the month we actually have winner’s certificates AND a Collection to offer! lol