Operation: Clear out the Kindle

My Kindle is dying. I hope it will be a slow death because I don’t want to replace it until we can get the new Kindle Paperwhite over here and who knows when that’s going to be. My current Kindle is not quite two years old, so I am sure it will hang in there for just a little longer.

Ivy was going to inherit it when I got a new one, but it has something loose that rattles around inside it, and now it’s doing random stuff like typing letters all over the page, or scrolling down when I’m not pressing any buttons, and sometimes it won’t turn on until I’ve tried three times. Hang in there, Kindle, hang in there.

The other reason I need it to last for just a little longer is that I have so many books on it and I can’t remember which ones were ones I really wanted to read, which were given to me, and which I just got because they were free. In response, I’ve slipped into mega reading mode, going through the books one at a time, giving them until around the 5% mark to see whether I want to continue reading them, and then deleting them either when I finish, or if I don’t want to read.

I’m also not going to buy any new books. Of course, it’s easier said that done. For instance, I saw a link to this Humble eBook Bundle that I simply couldn’t resist. Buy books for charity? I’m sold! I haven’t put them on my Kindle though, they are in a folder, and they can sit there and wait until I get a new e-reader.

So yes, that’s probably my reading taken care of for the rest of the year. I’m so looking forward to purging all this academic stuff from my head. Summer months are fabulous for just chilling out and forgetting about articles and assignments and theories and applications.

One more day until my essay is due. I should be done tonight, and then there are just a few little exercises to do and I am done. I can’t wait.