eBook vs Print

There are so many articles about the virtues of each available on the internet, but none really help me out, so I am blogging about it and hopefully you beautiful wonderful readers can give me your opinions!

As a writer in New Zealand, my options are limited if I want to stick within my country, so the reality is that I’ll no doubt be looking for places to submit in the rest of the world. This leads me to my main problem:

a) if I go the traditional publishing route, my book may not be readily available for sale within NZ. I know some other kiwi writers who have had this happen – it’s been hard work to get their book into the country and accepted for sale for various reasons.

b) if I go with e-publishing, my book will be available everywhere, but how many people I know would actually read an e-book? Most of the friends and family who I know would want a copy don’t read on screens. They are into print books all the way and haven’t really been exposed to the e-publishing world.

What would you do?

If you have chosen one over the other what were the reasons behind that choice? I would love to hear from other writers and get their take on this.

Of course there is every chance that it won’t get accepted anywhere, lol but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Do I need to make a decision now? Or just approach people I think might be interested regardless of their method of printing?

I have to admit that I think there are some barriers to getting my book published the traditional print way: primarily, it’s a book that doesn’t have a clear genre to slot it into. It’s got some fantasty elements but they aren’t the primary elements of the story, it’s set in this world, this time period, it has a romantic subplot, and some other elements. So what does that make it? A good read: yes. Speculative fiction: yes. Easy to sell? Possibly not. They don’t really have a spec fic shelf in book stores yet and I think anyone picking it up and hoping for a fantasy, or a romance, might be disappointed to find something that is not typical of those genres.

I have no qualms about either route. About half of what I read now is epublished and I certainly don’t believe that the quality is worse than that found in traditionally published books.

So, give me your thoughts, pretty please. I would love to hear what you all have to say!