Getting things done

There is nothing quite like finishing something off. Oh it feels good, and it’s something I haven’t done in far too long.

Today I finished editing The Comfort of Wood – I started the story so very long ago, and finally, it’s finished! I’m going to do a final read through tomorrow before submitting it. I think it’ll be my first submission for the month, which is a shame seeing as it’s almost the end. At least I’ll have something out in the world looking for a home again.

It’s reminded me just how awesome it feels getting a piece to this point. It’s a feeling I now want more of – which is great – hopefully it means I’ll have a few more pieces done by the time the end of April rolls around.

Of course, most of my energy is being directed towards Tales. There is a lot of editing/proofreading to do before release, and only a few weeks to get it done. I’m confident that we will though 🙂 The line up is fantastic and I can’t wait to see the final ToC! It’s going to be amazing when I finally have a copy in my hands. I’m looking forward to reading through and enjoying the stories just for themselves, and not in an editorial way.

I’m working on ticking more things off my list, seeing as it’s such a good feeling, and tomorrow I’m going to reward myself with a little play time 🙂 Oh I’m so excited. I’ll tell you more tomorrow 😉