Break time is over

I’ve been very gentle on myself for the last few weeks, and it’s probably been close to a month since I was seriously writing. I needed a break from the pressure I was placing on myself, to step back a little bit and take the gentle approach. If there is one thing you can’t do with writing, it’s force it when you’re exhausted – the results are never pretty.

It was weeks before the first new idea hit me, and I did nothing with it – it was enough that it had happened. I didn’t want to write it down or push it into being before it was ready.

Yesterday, I finally got the itch to put words on the page. Then this morning between 3am and 4am words began to form in my mind (sun-touched, hollowed, exposure, dome, Magda), and by 5am, I had a world, a character and an idea. Oh and a title. Everything is falling into place. It’s time to get back to work.

I’m doing things a little differently this time though. After I tried and failed with Saving Tomorrow, I know I need to find a way to stop pressure from building up inside me. It’s all self-inflicted, so I need to stay relaxed and just enjoy each bit of writing I do.

So, I am not defining what The Sun-Touched will be. It will be as long as it needs, no longer or shorter. I will not force it into a box, or get predetermined ideas of length and time it might take to write. I will start at the beginning, and I will write it through, write it thoroughly, and live in the story for however many minutes I get to write a day.

And hopefully this time I can keep myself from getting stressed and frustrated. I think I can, and hope to soon have the words to explain the things I’ve learned this last week about myself, and the way I write. It has everything to do with me getting a new idea and feeling ready to start writing again.

Here we go again, but at a gentle pace, with no restrictions and all the time in the world.