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The Way the Sky Curves is now LIVE!

The Way The Sky Curves_ECover_8-5-15Well, I’ve done it again… Published a book that is. The Way the Sky Curves is now available on Amazon. I’ll be working on getting it up at other distributors in the near future, but this feels like enough for one day 🙂

I’m so thrilled that it’s finally out there! And now I can move onto the next project.

As I mentioned in April, now that it’s out there, I’ll be doing a draw for one lucky person to win a guest role in one of the K’Bay books. There are only three entries at the moment, so head on over and comment on THIS POST if you want to go into the draw.

And finally, this happened on twitter the other night:

It was the last scene I worked on for the book, but was NOT the last scene in the book. If you read the book and want to take a guess, drop me an email. If you get it right, I will gift you a copy of the next book in the series.

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Isabella Redwood – Q&A time

ebook.InTheEnd.HRToday I have the lovely Isabella Redwood here on my blog, answering a few questions about her writing and upcoming release In the End. I met Isabella over on twitter (you can find her @SophN7) and have been enjoying to get to know her.

Welcome to my blog! Why don’t you give us an elevator pitch on yourself as an author – who is Isabella Redwood? 

I liken myself to a pie chart, not because I like pie, although it is not too shabby. But because if you were to cut me open (please don’t) that is what you would find. I’m a mommy and that is the greatest percentage of who I am. My daughter is my heaven on Earth and inspires me every day. Then there is my creative side, I love to write and as an author it sets me free to live my wildest dreams and face those gigantic fears head on. I am an arts fan, anyone who attempts to walk this pot-holed, creaky path is to be placed on a pedestal and admired in my opinion. The final segment is my Columbo part. I love to discover things, piece things together and lifelong learn. From, puzzles to board games to philosophy, they all encompass who I am and I try to incorporate all the sectors into my storytelling.

Your first release ‘In the End’ is set up for pre-order now, and the days are counting down—what can readers expect from the novel?

Characters that are flawed, real and fighting to stay afloat. As in life, people don’t always do what you want them to do or expect them to do and my main character has been through the wringer. The story is told from her point of view and I hope it will keep you guessing long after you turn the final page.

I know that aside from a second book in the butterfly series, you’re also working on some stand-alone science fiction novels – what common themes might readers find between your books, despite them being written in different genres? 

The butterfly series and my sci fi novel are very different, except with one similarity and they are my female leads. They are both easily underestimated, yet the strongest women I know.

Are there any amazing books that you think have influenced your writing, or, perhaps, authors whose work you’d love yours to sit alongside? 

There are many and I wouldn’t dare to dream of us sharing a shelf as I put them so high up, I would need the BFG to reach them down. (Roald Dahl fan) There are three that I have read at different stages in my life that have stayed with me. The first is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I read this in one sitting, I was so riveted and it haunted me after for some time. The second is The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, I read this book quite early on in life and it was a very unfamiliar genre at that time to me. My mum was a huge romance fan and as such our book shelves were overflowing with them. It was my first dystopian novel and was the best to open with, it certainly set the bar high for future reads. The final book is The Nanny Diaries by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, this was the first book I read after a traumatic life event and was the first thing to make me smile again. I carried it around in my bag for a considerable amount of time afterwards. My reminder there could be light again.

Finally, just for a little fun: Taking into consideration that it takes certain ways of thinking and seeing the world to love different movies, which five movies best sum you up your personality?

I’m a huge movie fan and as I have a two year old daughter, who is the biggest Disney fan, it is only fitting I pick Disney movies.
Number one is Mary Poppins, I have the carpet bag, not only would you find the world and its wife in my bag, it is also fitting for life as a writer. No matter how many times you may think you have everything you need, looking in the bag, there is always something else to learn and discover.
Number two is Tangled, I have long hair and although I sadly cannot lasso it around to swing from, it is the hippie in me.
Number three is Pocahontas, I’m a huge animal lover and always wanted to be a vet growing up.
Number four is Cinderella, I always worry I have forgotten something, glass slippers, keys, I’m the classic double, triple checker. Even to the point of getting out of bed and going to check I turned the alarm on, despite the fact I know I already did.
Number five- The Little Mermaid, when she first gets legs and tries to stand for the first time, only to fall and keep trying over and over. I resonate that to my publishing journey and the personality traits that we all try to encompass in the literary field.

Thanks so much for having me and please do check out my book launch giveaway over at my blog on isabellaredwood.com.


Forgot to mention…

My lovely friend Leigh made me a shiny new banner! Pretty isn’t it? I had to change the theme to get a banner space big enough, but I’m liking Duster. Besides, it was probably time for a new look anyways. An interesting thing has happened because of the new header though – I kind of want to work on The Consign Mate more than ever. Nothing in it specifically says “TCM”, but it has a certain surreal, otherworldly feel which I want to capture with the novel. And it’s in space. On another world. Lovely.


Also I forgot to mention that I’m leaving comments open on my 1,000th post (and entries to win a copy of Tales), until the digital version is released. So if you haven’t left a comment yet, you can go and post one now! The more the merrier.


I’m finding a lot lately that I am getting stuck. I get excited about a bunch of things (novels to read, crit partners stuff to look at, proof reading – yes, I even get excited about my work! lol). And when it’s all so good, it’s hard to stop myself from starting everything. I just want to read this, and that, and this and more more more.

I’ve got to start doing things one at a time, but that’s just no fun… In some ways I do have just one… one book on the Kindle, one book on the PC, one novel to proof read, one novel to crit… but it’s all too much. Really. I think this next week I am going to try and focus on one thing at a time, and finishing what I start – like, writing a review for a novel when I finish it, before I read several more books and start deleting information about said novel from my head.

Anyways. That’s it from me folks. I have so much to do this weekend! Hopefully I can get through a decent chunk of my list though.


One Thousand

This is my 1,000th post. Can you believe it? I started blogging here at WordPress a couple of years ago now, and was over at blogger for awhile before that. I think it’s taken me close to 4 years to rack up 1,000 posts. Over those years I have written several novels, many short stories, got married, moved twice, had two babies, bought a house and started renovating. I’ve seen my eldest off to school, lost a cat and a dog, gained a kitten.

It’s amazing to think that all of those things are recorded here somewhere. The highs, the lows and everything in between.

As a token of my appreciation to you, the reader, I’m going to give away one digital copy of Tales for Canterbury. It’s got the twofold benefit that it means the winner will get a collection of great stories, and also that I’ll be donating again towards helping Christchurch.

The winner will be chosen at random by one of those fancy websites that do that, and in the event the winner is someone who has either a) already pre-ordered a copy, or b) one of the contributors and so will therefore already be in possession of a digital copy, I will find another prize, and the runner up will get the copy of Tales.

Sound good? Good. All you need to do to go in the draw is leave a comment!

Love you.