Introducing Richard Parry

So, last month he posted an interview with me, it was only fair that I get to return the favour! Of course, coming up with questions that weren't carbon copies of his was harder than I expected.  Tell us a little bit about yourself – what makes Richard Parry, Author, tick? Without wanting to sound … Continue reading Introducing Richard Parry

June, already

I'm still getting my head around the fact that it's June already. I know I keep saying this, but the year is flying past. May kicked my ass. It was one of those months that simultaneously blew past, but also dragged on forever. It was pretty hellish. June is already looking better, and I really … Continue reading June, already

Traveling Through Time

Yesterday I took state highway 45 (surf highway!) out of town, around the coast, to where I grew up. The car became a time machine and I rocketed past the landmarks of my history. It's always like this, every time I traverse that path I'm reminded of the details of my childhood, my teenage years, … Continue reading Traveling Through Time

The healing powers of the beach

I've been trying to think of something 'speculative fiction' to write about today (make that yesterday - this post has been sitting in limbo for almost 20 hours due to simply having no time), but drawing a blank. I was in desperate need of recharging, so once Lauren had woken from her sleep we took … Continue reading The healing powers of the beach