Now that Hubby is back to work, the girls and I seem to be settling into a serene existence. It’s lovely having him home, but they seem to think it means it’s ALWAYS the weekend and that we should ALWAYS have something to do. Now that it’s just us girls, they have relaxed into chilling out mode and I’m finding more time for my writing stuff.

I say stuff, because I am still getting myself organized. I need to get back into my groove with Sun-Touched as well as finish getting the outline of TCM sorted. I started inputting the info into my spreadsheet yesterday and can already see places that can be merged, or that will need reworking to fit my new vision.

After consulting with a friend, I’m torn about which direction to take the story, but excited by all the potential. I’m enjoying going through and getting to the essence of it, and can’t wait to rebuild it into something more powerful and more amazing than it currently is. It’s reminding me just how much I LOVE revision work.

I’m discovering that it’s much easier to fiddle with something that is already written, editing is a great way to avoid putting new words down on the page. This is not helping with Sun-Touched, as right now I’ll pick the easier option every time. I can’t keep doing that. This novel needs to be written, and I need to immerse myself in it once again.

The thing I really love about Sun-Touched is that there are so many threads in the story. I don’t think I’ve ever written something with so many layers before. I really like Madea, and can’t wait to see how she responds to the things that are coming up in the novel. I’ve put her in the worst situation I could think of, and she is totally confused, but I have faith that she’ll work her way through the lies and half truths, to find what is at the heart of her world.

And Garrett… ah I can’t wait to write more of him. He’s a bit of an enigma, and a fanatic, and while he thinks he’s in control now… He might find that things change when Madea clicks to what’s going on. Maybe this was all I needed, to bask in the glow of the story I’m creating, to reconnect with the things I love about it.

Time to get some words on the page…


Looking for love

I’m making small progress with my novel. Very small, slow progress. I’m still okay with that – I actually finished the first scene up, finally, and am looking forward to plunging into the next. But it struck me that I have been avoiding thinking about a love interest for Madea. I mean, there is one, and he has some influence and is tied into her story line, but I already know that’s not a lasting match. It’s not passionate or balanced, or anything good, really.

I’ve got to admit that in my writing I’ve been avoiding romance a bit. I overdosed on reading it, so wanted to steer clear of it in my writing. Until I read a few books where it was more subtle. Definitely there, but not the main plot line, not all consuming. It made me think back to my own stories, to the ones that stuck with me the most, made me realize that I really love writing about relationships and that I need to bring that back into my writing – keeping it in an ‘out of bounds’ area isn’t doing me any favours at all. So I’m going to think ahead, find someone unconventional for Madea to get involved with. He’s going to have to be someone pretty special to take her on. She’s not really looking for love, not in any conventional manner, but she definitely has a longing inside her.

And now I have some ideas <grin> see, blogging about stuff, even when it’s not fun for YOU to read, or really very interesting, is an important way for ME to make little breakthroughs that help my writing.

Off to start that scene now.

Thanks for being there while I sorted that out 😉