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The Office

A few days ago, I moved into my office.


This has been the culmination of weeks of thinking, and shuffling things around, as well as gathering the essential supplies and doing a little bit of a makeover. Being that I homeschool my three kids, and they are a lovely combination of ADHD/aspie/just-plain-weird-like-their-parents, you can imagine that sometimes the inside of my house is very loud. Like, really loud. Sometimes it’s mostly populated by small things that look like children but are actually animals (complete with conversations held in meows, woofs, and getting your face occasionally licked).

photogrid_1477889251055Sometimes, I just need a place where I can go and hide out. A quiet place, filled with quiet, peaceful things. Sometimes, this quiet place is actually loud so I can listen to music without using headphones and can sing at the top of my lungs without being yelled at. But it’s my space and I’ll damn well do with it what I please. Mostly it’s quiet. There is a lock on the door. This is important.

Some lovely friends came and helped me paint a couple of weeks ago, and it’s the purple of childhood dreams. I think this was a subconscious thing on my part, a nourishment, a recollection of simpler days. A reclamation of innocence stolen. Whatever, it’s calming. And I do really like purple. The ceiling is ugly, and instead of patching it up and painting I found some pretty wool lace online and ordered enough to drape. It’s like being in a purple cave decorated by a massive spider web. I like it. I have curtains to go in still, but they aren’t 100% necessary for my use of the space so I’ll get around to it eventually.

photogrid_1477951571993Between having houseguests for most of a week, and every else being down with a tummy bug for the weekend, it took me until Tuesday to move my desk in. This was a big step. Not only would I have to leave the house to use my desk (my office is the small, second room in the sleepout), but I’d have no regular, easy place to work inside.

And you know what? It’s awesome. It’s no longer easy to turn on my laptop and spend endless hours trawling the internet. If I really need to check stuff I can do that on my phone anyway. It’s been less than a week and I am already forming some good habits. I go to my office to work. I GO to work. That’s a huge mindset shift in itself! This morning, sick of juggling an armload of items, I packed my bag instead and called to the kids “I’m just going to work in the office for a half hour!” and off I went.

photogrid_1478209511779To be clear, the office is not far. I can still hear them if anything goes amiss. They are free to come out, but normally prefer to stand on the deck and call me instead. A lot of the time they’ll jump on the trampoline outside my office window, sometimes they will come and work on projects in the big room of the sleepout. If they want to jump on the trampoline and I am not working they ask, “can you go and do some work?” and off we go. How cool is that?

And WOW does that ever feel good after what has felt like months of spinning my wheels. I know that logically that was all important. Settling in takes a long time, and I am only just now at the point where I feel like we really truly live here and that’s good. I still miss a lot from back home, but this is home now too.

Home, and an office.

It’s not complete. There are still things I need, but I’m determined to only put stuff in it I love. I want to surround myself with reminders that my needs and wants are valuable, and that I am worthy of an abundance of awesome. Because I am. And, hey, so are you! In the months to come, I’ll have some really cool stuff to share with you. I kind of feel like I’m starting a new phase of my life, and I’m super excited about it all.

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New office. AGAIN

So, you remember about six weeks ago when I moved back into my old office space and hoped that it would be the last move for six months or so?


Didn’t happen.

deskDuring this last weekend we had a party/BBQ/slumber party for my middle daughters birthday and having all those people in the house clarified a few things for me.

A) I do not want to have to perch around the dining table in order to talk with my friends in a relatively quiet space
B) the lounge was lost to us anyway – the children had claimed it as theirs a long time ago, and it was time to concede defeat
C) our eldest really does need her own space where she can shut the littles out.

Which lead to me waking in the middle of Sunday night with a BRILLIANT IDEA to rearrange basically the entire house…

A task I began, and finished, on Monday. My old office is once again my eldest’s bedroom, and the lounge is now bedroom to the two youngest. Bedroom/kids area, anyway. One bed is a trundler, which we can tuck away during the day so they have more space. Eldest has the door open between the rooms during the night so that she doesn’t feel alone, and everyone is happy.

loungeWhich leaves me with the kids old bedroom. AH, bliss. It is now the ‘quiet lounge/office’. I have all my writerly stuff in here as well as a couch and a couple of other chairs, and my bookshelf. And a coffee table. And no devices aside from my computer. I still need to retrain the kids, but so far, they are doing really well. They can read or draw in here, or talk, but not yell. There is no running or jumping, just quiet play. They have their wing now, and I have a place that is not filled with noise.

I have needed this for a really long time, but I wasn’t sure how to get it. Giving up the lounge room of the house might be a slightly odd move, but it’s what works for us for now.

And maybe this time, I can stay put for six months… /knocks on wood

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And the office is no more…

A few months ago I took a step towards claiming some space in the house that was all mine. It was lovely. I obtained a bookshelf from my brother, all my books came out of the boxes under the bed, and it was a really nice space. I had the illusion of privacy when I needed it, and I really made the most of it.

While it lasted.

I think my favourite thing was having a place for all my bits and pieces that have been stashed away for so long. And curling up in my la-z-boy in the mornings with a book and my coffee. Mmm.

My new space
My new space

Anyway. Eldest turned ten. Eldest has matured to the next level and now requires her own space. I can totally understand. I remember being young. However, our house is small and in order to give her that precious space, I’ve had to move my office again. Back into the lounge.

Now, there are some perks to being in the centre of the home. It’s not far to go to get anywhere else in the house. The kids can find me really easily. It’s warm. It’s also frequently noisy. But I can deal with that. I have some excellent headphones that cut out some of the noise and make it a little easier to focus. I am happy with the move, and eldest is REALLY happy to have her own room.

IMG_20150602_124128948And I finally received a package I’ve been waiting for, which went a long way to soften the loss of my office. Recently my go-to bag has begun to break, so a few weeks ago I went searching for a replacement and fell in love with this one. Meow!!! It’s the perfect size for my SP3 and everything else I need. ❤

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New Office

IMG_20150319_154936924_HDROver the last few days I’ve been moving all my stuff into a new office space. After much thought, I decided I was going to steal half the kids playroom for myself – until now I haven’t had a dedicated space for ME, and it’s always bugged me. Admittedly, I’m still sharing the space, but I should have a folding screen soon that I can shut myself behind, and at the very least, I can kick them out of the room when necessary 😉

IMG_20150320_105445415More importantly though is that I now have a space for my ‘stuff’.

Hubby is a very minimalist person. As long as he’s got his computer, somewhere to sleep, and his clothes, he’s set. I, however, have managed to collect and horde things from my lifespan. Things that have primarily been sitting in boxes and shelves, or squished in where possible because most of the space in the house is kid stuff, or home school stuff, or tech stuff.

IMG_20150319_155602355_HDRNow I have somewhere to put all my things, and it’s been like rediscovering little pieces of me that I’ve packed away. My Flippy toy. Candle holders. I’ve even brought in my cacti to keep me company. I have so much space that I no longer have to have a desk cluttered with everything. What??!

Anyway, it’IMG_20150320_110533008_HDRs still a work in progress. That’s totally fine by me. I need to hang the curtains back up to help keep the room warm in the coming months, but for right now, I couldn’t be happier.

Even if the children are all still wanting to be in the same room as me… Hey, at least we’re hanging in MY space, right? And that chair is 100% perfect for reading stories in 🙂


A room with a view

In the last year and a bit my ‘office’ space has moved four times. Each of them for very valid reasons, each with positives and negatives. I’m hoping that this fourth move will be the last for awhile to come, though chances are high I will be on the move again in just a few months.

At least this time I have a view.

My mum was given a new dining table, and so she offered us their old one. It’s much bigger than ours – can fit 6-8 people, instead of 4 – seeing as there are 5 of us, it was a great chance to upgrade. Of course, that meant that my desk would no longer fit in the dining area. I quickly realized that the only logical place to go from there was into the playroom.

Yup, you heard me right. Playroom. The room with all the toys, where a lot of the play happens. And there is a lot of play in this house. Three kids + friends worth.

my corner of the room

However, the room has some serious upsides – a view of the road, lots of trees and a patch of (overgrown) garden. Loads of natural light. Carpet, which helps keep the noise down. Lots of things to occupy the kids, and enough distance from my husbands computer that I don’t get confused about whether he’s talking to me, or the people he plays League of Legends with.

it's a cats life

Of course, when there are a bunch of kids in the room, it’s impossible to get anything done. Thanks to my new friend I can just relocate, and in the depths of winter I will likely spend most of my time parked on the couch in front of the heater rather than in my office. It’s nice to have options.

I am very much enjoying having a view though. When we had some intense winds last week the crazy movement of the trees and leaves being swept through the air held me captivated. Yup, I love seeing what’s going on outside. I think I’m going to be very happy here. Hell, I already am.


School hols again

I can’t believe it’s summer holidays already. I’ve known it was coming for a long time but it’s actually here now and I feel so unprepared! Six weeks of three kids home. Funnily enough, I don’t think this will mean my writing takes a hit – if anything, I might get MORE done than I have been.

I’ve been planning with a few friends, jotting down ideas for things to do starting January (everyone is so busy these last days before Christmas, and then we’re away for a week), so as long as I can make it through til the end of the year, we should be okay 🙂

Summer IS here, though it’s raining (we need it, I’m not complaining!), and with my new office in the works it means I’ll be able to watch the kids playing on the trampoline/swing/sandpit and still get some work done. The older two are finally getting to an age where a lot of the time they will actually play nicely together, or just play around each other. So until Natalie is on the move, we should have a period of relative peace. A bliss.

Anyway, I am still working away on Mocha Nihilism. I had really wanted it done by Christmas so that I could give it to some friends as a present, but that’s not on the cards now. I have the last part of it to rewrite still, and then some revision/editing/polishing before I’ll be ready to let others read it. I have finally hit my stride with it again, after two weeks of ups and downs emotionally over Kali.

Aside from that, I’ve also started planning for Delaney’s novel. I purchased a new notebook, just for her, and have written a focusing statement for the book to try and pin down the angles I need to think about. I’m really excited about it, and grateful to my writing buddies for giving me new ways of looking at things too, and for being interested in the story and character.

Also, I’m in the process of shifting everything in the house around. We’re moving our bedroom into the office, the little girls will have our bedroom as theirs, and my desk/computer will be taking up space in the porch as my office. I’m SO excited to have a space just for me 🙂 Hubby’s computer will be in our room, which is fine. Not ideal, but it’s really the only place there will be room!

I love having tasks on the go. I love even more knowing that I’ll have some time to complete them in the coming month. The new year will see new routines, a new way of living, and hopefully more time for everything that’s really important.

Fingers crossed!


Small victories

I did it! I hit 3k yesterday lol, I even went a little bit over – and I finally felt like I was getting into the story a little better. YAY!!

So, half an hour ago I predicted that I’d just finish writing this post when Lauren would wake up, Simon would bring her to me and then go back to bed – within 5 minutes my prediction had come true lol sometimes I hate it when I’m right! I had been hoping to get into some actual writing this morning, but always try and get the other internet stuff done – it only takes a half hour to trawl through blogs, update forums and check my email most days.

The girls are both happy today though, and I am going to try and start putting Lauren to bed for sleeps again. I think she’s ready for it again as she seems to be over the ear infection. I was hoping that Hubby would take Ivy to the movies, but he’s ‘sick’ so I doubt it will happen now. Ah well!

So what are my plans? Tidy the house, try and fit in another 500 words or so. 800 would get me to 4k, that would be nice, but we’ll just have to see. Same as always these days. At least now I’m into the story, it should all go a lot easier from here. Chibi asked if she could read the start of it and said it was looking alright so that’s a bonus! Made me feel like despite all the stopping and starting and writing a hundred words here and there it actually works reasonably well.

Oh, yesterday I took some photos of my office space. I’ve been dreaming a little bit about that – it’s a complete mess at the moment, boxes and other stuff are still sitting around in my second corner and I think it’s about time I got to work on tidying it up finally, putting the last of the things away and actually making the most of my writing environment. I’m not sure where to start with it though.

What do you LOVE about your writing space? What would you change if you could? All comments are welcome 🙂 Any ideas would be appreciated. We’re going to be here awhile, and I want to make an effort with it.