More interview goodness :-)

Anna has posted up an interview she did with me a wee while back for Regeneration – you’ll find snippets of both the short story from Regeneration, Carving Out a Life,¬†and from one of my WiPs, The Way the Sky Curves. Check it out here!

The Perks of Writing in NZ

I used to think that NZ was the worst place in the world to be a writer. I remember looking around for places to submit when I thought I’d finished my first novel (Ha! It was so not good enough!) and finding that I could count the number of agents on one hand,...
A Foreign Country

A Foreign Country

I’m thrilled to share the announcement of the NZ Anthology of Speculative Fiction – A Foreign Country – being released by Random Static in August of this year. Strange creatures are loose in Miramar, desperate survivors cling to the remains of a...