R for Recovery

RI feel like I have been getting over this sickness forever. The road to recovery is sometimes longer than the actual sickness it seems! April, in general, has been a rough month health-wise, and I am very much looking forward to feeling 100% better and getting back to work on my many projects.

First up is assignment writing. I began the first one today and am hoping to blitz it over the weekend so that I can get back to revision (that would have been a good blog post, maybe another time). Now is really when the year starts to get intenseΒ for me and I’m filled with some nervous energy about these assignments. The first one is always the hardest in that you’re unfamiliar with your marker, and with the subject matter, opening results is as intense as opening an email from a publisher/agent/market (though those are more likely to contain rejections than passes lol).

Anyway, I am going to do my very best to catch up with the A-Z! I’ve enjoyed it so far, even though it’s been harder than I’d have liked with the health stuff going on. I’d like to finish off the month anyway, even if the posts end up being shorter than normal.

How are you all doing this month? Anything come at you out of the blue? I hope you’ve all managed to stay healthy anyway.

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L, M, N… no worries

Well, my A-Z went a bit off track. L was lost in space, and M went missing in a malaise created by sickness and aches and pains (not all of them mine, thankfully).

So now it’s N, and time to get back on track! No worries!

Life is a bit like this sometimes right? And it’s far better to roll with the punches than get caught up feeling stressed about all the things you wanted to do and then didn’t manage.

Personally, I’m just pleased that we’re past this vomiting bug (well, unless me or the eldest gets sick… *crosses fingers that doesn’t happen*) and that things are looking up again. I’ve been getting some writing and study done today and it feels good to have a head clear enough to do so.

Gotta make the most of the good days, and not worry too hard on the bad ones.

Now, I better get my thinking cap on for O! Any suggestions?


I have to laugh

The month started off so well! It was truly wonderful. The words were flowing, I slipped into my writing groove with ease and I was really enjoying my novella. So much. And then we got to the 5th of December and sickness entered my house, and you know, you just know, that you can never get away with only one person falling ill.

So for the last five days I have been dealing with a lot of vomit. None of it mine, for the record. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been puked on, though I can say I have had to clean all four mattresses, several duvets and sets of sheets and just about every blanket, towel and bowl in the house.

It was actually okay, until Saturday anyway. I was holding it together. Tending to my dear children’s needs as well as meeting my own by maintaining my 1,000 word a day output. And then Nati got hit at 115am Sat morning and I didn’t really get any sleep after that. All three kids were their sickest on Saturday and I was running on fumes, and I had a skip bin that needed to be loaded with the contents of my garden shed (which contained piles of timber with millions of nails, very old chemicals, broken glass and other assorted nastiness that I was desperate to get rid of).

Ah yes, this is life.

In my coffee fueled, sleep deprived, crazy state of Saturday morning I told a writer friend I was going to get my words out. And he laughed at me.

And now I am laughing too. Sometimes, I’m delusional, and I can admit that. Ah, I make me giggle sometimes. Needless to say, I managed about 100 words over the weekend, and I’m okay with that. The fact that I am now 2k behind my projected word count doesn’t actually bother me. Writing will happen, because I’m a writer, but life happens too and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

P.S: I DID get the garden shed emptied, and the kids are all out of puketown now, so that just adds some awesome to the start of this new week.


I’m still alive!

Hey folks. I know it’s been awhile since I really updated, my last post (other than the interview, which thankfully, I had scheduled!) was about me having been sick for a week. Well, my kids DID get sick, the very day after I posted that.

My littlest was even sick for her birthday 😦 she didn’t eat any of the cake, though she was so delighted by the look of it that nothing else mattered. Big thanks to my mother who baked and decorated the cake after talking to me on the phone and deducting that there was no way I could do it with a sick baby clinging to me. I asked for a ladybug, or as Natalie calls them ‘buggy-bugs’, and it was truly awesome. That might not look like ‘delight’ to you, but she was still pretty miserable at that point, and the fact she was off me for even a few minutes was testament to the draw of the cake πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! She’s two now, and I find that so hard to believe. It went by so quickly!

Anyway, the day that photo was taken, I was beginning to feel like I might be almost over it, and then the next day I was really sick again. I think carrying Natalie around for an entire week, day and night, and dealing with my sick middle child as well, drained my resources and meant I backslid. Either way, I was sicker than originally, and pretty miserable this week. My sinuses are still blocked up and giving me killer headaches, but I am on the mend. I can feel it.

So last night, I wrote. My intention had been to finish the first draft of Burn in June, but that didn’t happen. Now that I am on the mend, it’s time to push on. I have just one scene left to write, and there is no reason I can’t get that finished off today.


Anyway, I just thought I would post something, because it’s been ages. I’m not dead yet, though some days I was sure my brain might explode.

How are you all?


Sickness, a snow day and stealth novel writing

It’s been quite a week, well, almost week, since I last posted. My middle child got a case of Hand, foot and mouth disease which wasn’t a lot of fun. She was mostly happy, but her sleep was all messed up which resulted in a tired Mummy. Thankfully, none of the other kids caught it – but seriously, what a run of illness! I think after a month, we’re all finally well.

The most exciting news of the week is that it snowed here. And yes, yes, I know, many of you get snow. Lots of it. However. I’m 30 years old and I’ve never seen it snow here. Despite the fact that there is a mountain not far away, my city is right by the sea, and it just doesn’t snow. This last week the whole of New Zealand has been hit with an arctic blast and it’s snowed pretty much everywhere. Apparently the last time this happened was back in the mid 70’s.

Anyway, it snowed, it was amazing, I acted like a crazed child and insisted the kids come out and dance in it with me. We caught snowflakes on our tongues. I was with some friends, so there were three adults and seven kids sharing in this, it was just plain awesome. This is the second time ever I have been in falling snow. I think it might have made my year.

Please no comments about how I don’t get a ‘real’ winter, and I don’t know what snow really is. It was exciting for me. Kill my snow buzz, at your peril.

I guess I should get to the whole ‘stealth novel writing’ bit, huh? Gee. It just kind of happened. I was working on some stories ‘around’ the novel, and then all of a sudden I was writing a scene from the book. I got halfway through before I realized. It was a little bit of a shock, but also wonderful. Somehow, I managed to get past all the little fears and sink myself into the writing of Saving Tomorrow, pressure free. It’s pretty fantastic.

I’m hoping that today I can pull together all the bits and pieces that I’ve got and form the actual document for the novel. I’ve still got an outline to write up, but in the meantime I can press ahead because I know what the initial events are. I think that this time around I’ve made more notes and development than ever before. It’s helped me get a clear idea of the characters, their goals, their motivations and their arcs throughout the novel. I’m so excited to be writing this.

Which, I guess, means that maybe this novel will also make my year πŸ˜‰


Clawing my way back

Well, I’m happy to report that I am mostlyΒ better. Apparently it was the flu, and not a cold. My sinuses have taken a beating and are still causing me a fair amount of pain – but it’s less than yesterday, and less than the day before, so I can only hope the trend continues and I feel better again tomorrow.

I’m 100% over being in pain from the moment I wake until the moment I fall asleep at night.

I’m also totally over being sick and not getting anything much done, so today I worked my way through the second half of yesterdays list and I’m almost to the end – the last tasks are to write this post, and get some words down on my latest short story.

I can do those things, because I really want to. Almost two weeks of doing very little when it comes to writing has left me really wanting to get stuck in. I’m determined this month to finish off the current story, and to edit another story that’s been sitting around for too long, as well as get whatever planning/pre-writing/whatever I need sorted for Delaney, because it’s not long now until I plunge myself into the depths of a new novel.

For the record, that thought scares the crap out of me, but I’m not going to let it stop me. A novel is just a bunch of sentences strung together, and I can easily write sentences. Therefore I can write this novel.

So, yes, that’s me at the moment! Still not in perfect health, but getting on with it anyway. Time to get back to business.


I’m normally pretty determined…

I tend to write under most circumstances – death, pregnancy, newborns, natural disasters – but sickness really knocks me out of the habit. School holidays + sick babies + sick me = zero writing, and zero desire to write.

Which is a pain in the butt, because I was really feeling like I was getting my groove on, and had hoped to have the first draft of the current short story finished by now.

Oh well! Sometimes, you just can’t keep a cold at bay. I guess it’s better now, than once school goes back (I’m very ready for school to go back, by the way. It’s a madhouse with all the kids home – they are either playing nicely, but very loudly, or fighting, very loudly, and nap times? Yeah, lucky if they happen! /sigh).

Anyways, there are always other days, and if Natalie is any indication, another day or so and I should be feeling a little more functional. I feel like I haven’t done a lot this year, but I know it’s more than it feels like. Perhaps that’s because a lot of time was spent refining Mocha Nihilism, and while that’s not a waste, at all, it does mean I am back to working something up to submission standard.

I’ll get there! Hoping to finish this draft of Chasing Ascension in August, and then get stuck into Saving Tomorrow – I have some more planning to do, but I feel just about ready to delve into a whole novel rather than these shorter works. Almost…

How are you doing this week?


School holidays. Again

They came around so fast that I am still convincing myself it’s actually real! What do you mean the 3rd term of the year is over? What do you mean I have 3 kids home for two weeks now?

I’m certainly liking the low stress approach though. I managed to avoid thinking about how I might fill these days up, or what it might mean for my writing, and as a result the next two weeks is speckled with small things to do to keep everyone happy. I’m feeling good about them!

The insulation is being installed as we speak. Somehow I’d managed to forget about that as well despite the fact we had a bunch of friends here on Saturday helping clear the junk out from under the house. I can hear people beneath my feet and its kind of creepy.

Hubby is home sick. I’m still very dizzy but mostly over the sickness. Apparently the dizzy isn’t something everyone is getting, but then I’ve had positional vertigo before so I know that this is it. Ah well, it’ll sort itself out eventually and in the meantime, I’ll just take it slowly. On the bright side, all three kids are mostly better, just minor coughs lingering.

We’ve also switched to daylight savings now. Most people hate this changeover, but personally I love it. The kids and I have been waking far too early, and now it feels like we’re getting a sleep in πŸ™‚ I got up at 750am yesterday morning, it was bliss! This morning it was 7am. Funny how a week ago we were often awake just after 5am, and now we’re actually up at a reasonable hour. Long may it continue!

I better go and start sorting out morning tea anyway, and try to stop listening to the voices beneath my feet. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get some writing done today πŸ™‚


Urg, arg

I’m sick. Oh so sick. It’s not pretty, or fun. When my husband came home to drop Ivy off from school yesterday he even told me I looked like terrible. Awesome! I haven’t dared to drive in two days because I feel so dizzy and I will not put my kids at risk.

As a result, very little has been done. Other than that I am now two episodes away from finishing Dexter season 4. Lauren has been sick for a week now, Natalie is also sick and I’ve had my arms very full – more so than usual, in fact they ache from carrying around 18kgs of children non-stop. I think they are getting thinner tho, so that’s a bonus, and I haven’t been eating a lot so that should help with losing some pregnancy weight right? lol gotta look on the bright side!

I’m going to have to put off my goals from this week and start again next. I simply couldn’t write, though I did a little editing work on this weeks story it is not ready for submission.

Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we get sick and stuff just can’t happen. I’m certainly not going to beat myself up over it.

Hope everyone else is free from illness and feeling great πŸ™‚


Still here….

And frustrated! My to-do list is not getting any smaller. It’s a reasonable list, nothing extravagant or unrealistic, but it’s simply not getting any shorter. I’m not even adding to it, it’s just failing to shrink.

The main reason for this is because our schedule has been a little out – schools been finishing early for parent teacher interviews, we’ve had an appointment at the hospital for Ivy (she’s fine), parent teacher interview (obviously) and this has resulted in Lauren pretty much not sleeping in the day. She’s been pushing back the time of her nap, and it’s just not been working with these other interruptions. When she did finally give into sleep yesterday it was after Ivy was home from school and needed my attention.

Mama needs some downtime! Mama needs some time to write!

As I am still committed to spending time with Hubby after the kids are in bed, it’s meant I’ve got nothing done the last few days. Well, a couple hundred words, but not enough to satisfy me. I still have one crit I need to get done. This chapter I want to finish if I can. I need to scrub the floors (baby is posterior, I have midwives orders to get down on my hands and knees lol its not because I’m nesting). I guess at least I made all my appointments, we’re wide open now for baby arrival. Any time, darling, any time.

I’m at that point where I wake up in the morning and think ‘is it going to be today?’ as well as ‘just one more day, I need to get these things done…’ I’m excited to meet this little one, but hanging onto each of these last moments I have as a 2 child mother, as a mother who has some kind of routine and space for the things she loves. Though I guess Lauren throwing off her nap these last couple of days has kind of ruined that concept anyway πŸ˜‰

Flexibility is so important when it comes to parenting. I just have to go with the flow.

Anyways, enough rambling. I have housework to do while the little ones are occupied. Ivy is home as she had a temp last night and said she still felt unwell this morning. I sent Hubby off with the car, so we’re stranded here, and of course within 5 mins of him heading out the door she changed her mind and wanted to go to school… I’m predicting… that I still don’t get those things crossed off my list.