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On making mistakes, silver linings, and working too hard.

SunTouched_ECover_10-8-15v2Last week a dear friend let me know that there was an error in the digital version of Sun-Touched. My heart stopped beating because I knew I’d generated that from the same file I’d generated the print copy, which meant that the print books I had ordered all had the same error.

A doubled up chapter. Somehow, I had inserted Chapter 21 in its slot, as well as Chapter 27. (the book is there in it’s entirety, I later realized that there was NO chapter 27 in my final proofed doc for some reason! lol)

Much to my amazement, I didn’t cry, I didn’t even feel anxious because it was DONE. No way to change it. The books were printed, the order had shipped. There is very little point ‘crying over spilt milk’ as they say. I was miffed that I had missed it, and initially worriedsick about losing the money I had sunk into those books – I work hard editing to save the funds I need to pay for my publishing, and pride myself on paying for all my business expenses from money I’ve earned – but then I tweeted about it, and Fb’d some friends and you know what? So many people want a copy of the version with the error that I know I’m going to have no trouble selling them. And when people say things like ‘It will be worth heaps when you’re famous!’ it’s a lovely boost.

So, I might have screwed up, but I was reminded of how supportive my friends and fans are, and I got to see that actually, I’m really am a lot better balanced than I thought I was these days. Husband dearest had no worries with me ordering a new lot of books for the NZ Independent Book Festival with his money, and I will be able to pay him back in the very near future.

Feels good! Boom! First massive stuff up made and recovered from!

In other news, I’ve been a tad flat this last week or so as well. I’ve been working my butt off for the last several months, first on my own stuff, and then on a bunch of jobs for others. My slate cleared and it felt AMAZING, and then I slumped. Apparently a Cassie without a project isn’t really a good thing. She kind of just wanders around feeling out of sorts with the world. I had reached the end of my ‘plan’ and failed to make a new one – I’ve rectified that issue now!

Today, I start work on the sequel to Burn. It’s untitled yet, but I have a plan! Really excited to get writing 🙂

Oh and happy September!! WTF?! How did that happen?!


Another Month Done

I am still getting my head around the fact that it’s March already. I always seem to forget that Feb is a short month – in any event, I managed to get through the revision of my novella, which was my primary goal. Yippee!

University has officially started for the year and I’m struggling to get my head back in the study game. The readings for the first two weeks are ridiculous (6 chapters of the text PLUS articles!) but thankfully it evens out a bit after that (1 chapter a week).

So, with that in mind, I’m taking the next week or so off from revision and am going to spend the time catching up on the other things that need my attention – I have books to read, stories to give feedback on, and study to do. My next major project is also revision (Sun-Touched, my darling, I’m finally getting back to you!) and I feel like it’s important to take a breather between projects. I’m hoping to write a new short story as well, which should be really fun.

Some of my writing buddies are reading my novella this month, so I’m feeling a little nervous and excited about hearing back from them. Feels like a while since I’ve had a critique done, but I guess you get that when you’re working on longer stories.

Right, that’s it for me for now! What have you got planned for March?


Turning off

I’ve been walking the line of exhaustion for a fairly long time now, trying my hardest to stay balanced, to stay on top of everything despite the sleep deprivation. For the most part, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job, though the last few days of this work week I’ve slipped a few times and those small mistakes threatened to pull me into a spiral of self doubt and despair.

Not really the best place to be – especially while I have so much work to do!

So I took the weekend off. I was up to date on pretty much everything I should have been. Nothing pressing was waiting for me and I just needed to back off. Tell myself that things could wait. My computer was turned off more than on this weekend, and that’s very uncommon for me. I love being able to walk past and see whats going on – emails, tweets, facebook updates. But more often these days I’m shutting all those windows and focusing on just one or two things at a time. The things that are important: my writing, my proof reading, the anthology.

Multi-tasking is a wonderful thing, and I am FABULOUS at it, but there really is something to be said for giving just one thing your attention.

Mostly, this weekend these ones had my attention:

And Miss Ivy of course – though at this point in the day she was having some quiet time away from her noisy, pesky little sisters. Big girls need a break from little hands from time to time. (Oh, Ivy, if only I could shut myself in my room for some peace and quiet! Enjoy it while you can 😉 lol.)

It was lovely chilling out in our little sheet tent in the backyard. Must make the most of these sunny, but not too hot, days while they last.


Taking a break

Thought I better blog about it, to make it official – I’ve set aside my goals for 2011 and am just cruising through January. I’ll reassess where I’m at come February, but for now more than anything, I need to take the pressure off.

I think I’ve finally hit the wall of exhaustion that’s been looming ahead of me for a very long time now. I haven’t had a new story idea for…well to be honest I can’t remember when the last one was. I have no passion for Delaney’s novel (definitely a bad sign), and no real drive to do anything else either. I’m feeling flat, and uninspired – something I simply refuse to have come through in my writing.

I’ve done pretty well to push on until now. I’m still excited about things, but I have no energy for them. I tried to come up with an idea for a flash competition and while a few things were there, a potential story, some neat ideas that normally I would have loved to play with, I just couldn’t do it.

So, it’s time for a break. Obviously. I still want to get a lot done this year. I still have things I would like to get done this month even – but I’m not scheduling anything in. I’m leaving it wide open and if it happens then AWESOME, and if not, I’m not gonna kick myself. I can’t have this list hanging over me, helping me to feel guilty and like I’m getting further and further behind where I should be. It’s just not worth the energy.

In the meantime I’m reading some books on writing and applying the ideas to both Mocha Nihilism and Saving Tomorrow to see where I can make them stronger. I’m actually really looking forward to ripping into MN and making it as good as it can be, though that’s a post for another day. I guess after any decent sized project (like a novella) one should take some time to recoup ones energy anyway.

That’s me. And besides, school is out ’til Feb 1 – with three kids home who has the time to write? lol I need to go a bit easier on myself, and this is me trying to do that. Pretty sure I’ll still have plenty to blog about – and maybe now that I’m not thinking about how much I should have done (but haven’t) I can finally finish making my desk pretty enough to take a photo of!

Anyways, enough rambling. I hope everyone else has a great writing month. I tend to like to start the year as I mean to continue, but right now rest and recovery are more important. And play. That’s important too.

I’ll have my writers bounce back soon enough 😉