Masters of Horror Anthology!

This is the cover for the Anthology my story is in – due for release sometime in April all going well. The Anthology is being brought to you by Triskaideka Books, with submissions coming from the Masters of Horror group.  The official line up is shown below, and I’ll be adding links to the writers throughout the day when I get some time.

1. Joseph Mulak Wounds

2. Angel McCoy The Barnes Family Reunion

3. Carole Gill Truth Hurts

4. Cassie Hart Its all in the cards

5. Marty Young Firelies of the Bushfire

6. Jennifer Brozek Cost of Job Security

7. Scott M. Goriscak Home Sweet Home

8. Karen Johnson Mead One Day

9. Lee Pletzers Teeth

10. Bob Morgan Jr Ladies of the Scale

11. KK Visitation

12. Larry Kokko The Clifton House

13. Jason Warden Once Seen

14. William Cook Devil Inside

15. Richard Barnes Something Unpleasant

16. Mark Edward Hall The Fear

There’s me! Number four 🙂

Cover art was created by Robert Elrod.