Changing pace

IMG_20180225_175714_333Well, we’ve moved! Despite the fact that we’re still unpacking, we’ve settled into life really quickly – I guess that’s the joy of coming home to a place that we love. It’s been this beautiful re-entry into aΒ life that has also been slightly surreal. Even Hubby said it’s almost as if we never left. A lot of things have changed internally – in who we are, in the way our family is, the things that we discovered while we were gone – but the foundations, the relationships we have here, the group that we helped established, it’s still there and as strong as ever. How awesome is that?

I’m back at writing, though it’s going a little slower at the moment as we work through unpacking. Plus, life is just busier here, and I hadn’t really accounted for that. We’d been in the house twenty minutes before my lovely nephew was over for a play, and the first full day here we were off on a museum explore. The kids are so keen to hit their favourite spots and see all their friends. It’s been almost non-stop!

And meanwhile, I’ve been exhausted. I think that the last few months have really been hard and while I’ve handled it so much better than I ever imagined I would, it’s taken a toll and been building up. I had a feeling that once we were home I’d crash – the grief from Nana dying, the stress of getting a house ready to sell, the sale process, then all the cleaning, packing and finally moving and unpacking… well, it’s enough to make anyone exhausted right?

So I’m changing pace a bit, and that’s okay. My writing was slower while working through all the above, and it’s still slower while I defrag from everything and get myself into a good place. It bothered me something wicked last week but I’ve come to accept it now.

Sometimes, you just have to go slower. Sometimes, getting your head straight, finding your feet, establishing good new patterns is more important than being fast. I’m just going to take it easy, at least for now.

What does that mean for this year’s releases? I’m not sure yet. I’m not in a place to be able to see that clearly. I’m still working on Juniper’s book (and loving it! I have some new processes that I’ll talk about in a bit), I’m still waiting to hear back from my first reader about Butcherbird, and I still have the Sun Touched sequel percolating in the background. I just don’t have any release dates for these things yet.

It’ll happen. And it’ll be worth the wait.


Just another Monday

Well, we’re about to set out into week two of our home schooling thing. I’m feeling… less pleased than last week, I think? It’s a complicated thing. Without doubt I am happy with this decision and I know it’s absolutely the right call. I know because Ivy is happy 95% of the time, and because Lauren and Natalie’s behaviour has changed in ways I could never have predicted.

By around 430pm most days Lauren would be upset easily and want lots of cuddles and crash out by 6pm. There would be a lot of screaming involved in general, and she was barely eating dinner because she just wanted cuddles with me and bed. I put it down to tiredness. By the time Simon got home just after 5pm Natalie wouldn’t want anyone but me, she wouldn’t so much as give him a hug and she would be tearful and screamy unless I was carrying her around (and most mothers will know how difficult it is to cook with 1 or 2 kids clinging to you). She’d perk up after Ivy was in bed and then go to sleep fairly easily. Daddy couldn’t do a thing. Not hug, or distract, or change a nappy, or help with PJs.

And now? We have smiles and happy screams and hugs for Daddy. I can cook dinner without a child on my hip, and we sometimes get to 645 before Lauren is ready for bed. Very few tears involved, and a lot less stress for everyone.

I could never have predicted these changes. I put it down to tiredness… but apparently it was all tied up in the package deal of having one very unhappy person in the family. Goes to show what a huge impact mental health plays on the family unit, not just the person struggling.

Anyways, all of this to show that YES this is definitely right. But I missed a couple of my pills and I’m feeling blue and last night I realized that on my bad days I can’t be one kid down. I can’t pack her off to school and distract the littles with whatever in order to get some headspace. I just have to suck it up and carry on. And I will, I will. But I guess today I am mourning the loss of school, just a little, because it did provide me with some time where there was just one child to think about (when Natalie napped).

Anyway, in other news I am about a third of the way through my rewrite/revise for Burn. Which is on track for where I wanted to be. This is almost a miracle, because we’re very much still settling in and I’ve been feeling pretty tired. I’m hoping to get through another 1/3rd this week, and I think this is the section that needs the most smoothing/padding. I know I can do this, and the deadline feels like it’s getting very close now.

And I got a good grade for my last assignment, which is also great. It was a group assignment and I was really worried about it. Always hard when you have to rely on others for your grade. I’ve got a few more chapters to read, and 6 weeks until the final essay is due – crazy to think my first year as a post-grad student is almost over.

At this rate it’s going to be Christmas before we know it πŸ˜‰



Well, last night was a resounding success. It couldn’t have gone better!! I drove the kids to Hubby’s work, and as soon as he got out, kissed them goodbye and did a car switch. He headed off to McDonald’s with them for a Daddy/daughters date, and I went to my course.

I even managed to resist the desire to call him to make sure everything was okay when we had a break during class.

I didn’t really learn anything new, but it was a nice introduction, and cool to meet some other people who are passionate about helping people. I think I’m the youngest in the class. There were six other women, and one man – though there will be a second starting next week. It’s always great to see men training for roles like this, which seem to primarily draw females.

I gave one of the women a lift home as she’s carless at the moment. By the time I got in the door I was pretty exhausted, and I had the pleasure of coming home to a household of sleeping children. Did not expect that! I was so pleased for Hubby that it went well, and so proud of the girls for being so great for him. Having a fantastic first run at this new phase of our lives was perfect.

I’m looking forward to next week – and it makes me feel a lot more confident about going out in the future. I reckon this weekend I really will hit a cafe for a couple hours with my laptop. Yippeee!!!



Gosh, I keep forgetting to post here – well, not forgetting so much as just not having the time, or the energy. I’m siphoning pretty much everything I have at the moment into Tales for Canterbury. Thankfully, we’re now 2/3rds of the way through the editing, and should be past this stage by early next week, when I can have a bit of a breather while we sort out more publicity stuff.

Sleep is still something I am not getting enough of, but we’ve launched into another round of gentle sleep training with the toddler, and hopefully this time she is responsive. I won’t know myself when I am getting a full nights sleep, not that I think it will happen any time soon. I do, after all, have a nine month old who is still feeding during the night.

My own writing isn’t happening at the moment. I’ve decided to pretty much just ignore it until after the editing is done. I have read through the first scene of my novella though, and am feeling the love there. I’m very much looking forward to getting back to work and getting it out into the world in the not too distant future. I feel no guilt at all about not writing at the moment. Tales needs my attention most at the moment, and it won’t be long until it’s finished.

There are so many fantastic stories in there. It’s been great reading through them all (several times, even!). I really hope you guys enjoy them as much as we have. I have a new appreciation for writers. We’re a great bunch, you know? I’ve been so impressed by how generous, thoughtful, encouraging, supportive, and responsive everyone is. They all get that we’re working on a tight deadline and are being so amazing with getting edits etc back to us quickly. It’s amazing. It rocks my world that I’m one of them.

Anyways, that’s about it from me! Some totally unrelated to writing things I could add are that my baby is getting close to being a toddler. Seriously, why is it happening so soon? She is standing up ALL the time and thinking about taking her first steps. She’s only just gone 9 months, and it’s FAR too young in my opinion, but I guess she really just wants to keep up with the big girls.

Our stray, Oliver, is in no way a stray these days. He is the smoochiest ball of fur around and I’ve had to start throwing him off my lap when he gets overly affectionate and I am trying to get my work done. Cat’s do NOT make good editors, or co-editors.

Oh, and winter is coming! I mean that in the literal sense (for the record, I love winter. Stews and soups and blankets, and heaters and slippers and snuggling up on the couch while the rain pounds on the roof. Lovely), as well as in that it’s only a few weeks until Game of Thrones starts in the US. OMG I am so freaking excited about the series. If it’s even half as good as the books, I will be happy. My husband has even said he will watch it with me when it comes our way. Bliss.

That’s all for now, folks! Hope you’re all well πŸ™‚


Some things

Random update with a bunch of different things in it! lol are you ready?

1) didn’t finish most of the stuff I wanted to this weekend!

2) did have a good time though πŸ™‚ and am loving where this new short is going.

3) my lovely friend Leigh has signed on over at my review blog. Check out her introduction post! It’s great to have her on board, and I can thank Tales for Canterbury for introducing us – she emailed me not long after the idea arose and has been a wonderful source of encouragement ever since.

4) speaking of Tales. We have the cover up over at the site now. Check it out! As well as a shiny thermometer on the side in preparation for when pre-orders go up this week, and the first post introducing some of our writers.

5) we’re so close to getting pre-orders up!!!!

6) it’s been sunny pretty much all weekend, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Trying to make the most of the good weather before it starts cooling off.

7) oh and I have an interview to post this week with the wonderful Christopher Ruz who has a short story collection out. Which I shall review tomorrow, on the book blog.

I think that’s about all for now. I’m going to relax with Hubby tonight, eat some ambrosia, have a beer, and watch a movie.

Yes, I may have gone just a little link crazy!


All that behind the scenes stuff

As some of you will know, there are many different things that go into making an anthology. Right now, a big portion of my time is consumed by those things (I’ve read more short stories in the last week or so than I have in yonks!). We’re making excellent progress though: we are almost finished reading the submissions to date, we have our publishing stuff sorted out, the cover is getting made, contracts are being emailed, and hopefully later this week we will be able to start taking pre-orders for the e-book version!

It’s exciting to get closer to the book being in existence, and I know both Anna and I can’t wait to start getting those pre-orders through and getting some money down to Christchurch. It may only have been a couple of weeks, but it feels like longer.

In my own writing things are also ticking away. I should be finished two short stories by the end of the week and then start moving onto the other ones I need to write. There is a tight deadline for one, and I haven’t even started it yet which is a little bit of a worry!

I’ve also been reading a lot for my own pleasure, and the novels are a welcome break from short stories. The stories are great – but trust me, reading with an eye to publication is a bit different from reading for fun and a lot more tiring!

Tired pretty much sums up where I’m at. I feel like I am moving at snail pace. I’ve cut back on pretty much all of my extra energy-sappers (not facebooking so much, not commenting on as many blogs, not reading things I don’t need to read, not checking in on forums that I normally would). I just don’t have the time or energy – I need to conserve what I do have for the tasks that really need my attention.

So, I’ll apologise now. I have nothing riveting to say, nothing inspirational or profound. This is me, getting the work done and getting through the week, one day at a time. I love what I’m doing, but it’s the most work (on top of raising three kids etc etc) that I have done in a long time. I’m going to enjoy the lull before we jump into promotion/marketing mode πŸ™‚


Looking forward

In my time away from the internet, and the blog, I’ve been doing heaps of thinking. This has led me to make some decisions in regard to the way that I blog.

We all know that I ramble, a lot… lol hey, it’s just part of me. I can never seem to just stick to the writing stuff that I’d initially intended and I just don’t think that’s my style!

But, I have made a decision about some things – well, to be honest I had the thought prior to my internet disappearance, but I’ve made the firm decision while I was gone.

I’m going to password some posts – only because I want to stick up some videos and more pics for family and friends, but I don’t feel like I want absolutely everyone seeing them. So here’s the deal: If you want the password, lemme know. I have some readers who I know will want it, and others who won’t be fussed either way. I’ll pretty much just be posting pics/vids in the passworded posts, my words will be freely available as always. I’ll have the same password for each protected post, that way it’ll make it easier. Well, I assume I can do it that way! If not I guess I’ll have to rethink it lol.

Anyway, Lauren’s bath time. Must dash!