It’s all coming together.

For pretty much all of my writing career I’ve felt like I was on the back foot, always 50 steps behind where I should be, constantly getting things wrong and without a shit show in hell of getting it right.

Ha! Oh gosh, I have been so cruel to myself in the past. But not anymore.

I don’t think it’s that anything has particularly changed in the exterior world – the only real difference is inside myself. I’m looking at things differently these days, and while I will no doubt still make mistakes, I can see that actually, I’m not doing too badly. In fact, right now, I’m doing pretty good! I feel hopeful, and happy with where I’m at.

Content. Damn, that’s a nice place to be. Not content in the ‘will never push self again’ way, but in the ‘yeah, you’re doing good, keep at it’ way. In this past month I’ve managed to get my new banner made, hired Web Wyvern to do my website redesign, step back from editing for others, and kick my FB group back into gear.

And I’m in the process of finalizing my next release, Sekhmet’s Desire. I can’t wait to share it with you all! It’s a good book and I reckon that if you’ve enjoyed any of my previous work, you’ll enjoy this as well.

Everything just feels GOOD. And it’s such a nice place to be in. I want to hold onto this for as long as possible. I want this to never go away. But I know that if I slump again, I’ll just pick myself up again, and again, as many times as I need to.