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2014-Winner-Facebook-CoverI am officially a winner of CampNanoWriMo! Woo!

I actually finished off back on June 19th, but it’s been a busy week and I couldn’t ‘confirm’ the win until just yesterday.

It feels surprisingly good, like perhaps I’m getting better at this whole goal setting thing. I’ve already sent it out to some readers and feedback so far has been good – this novella will be published towards the end of the year, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

It’s a rather more ‘fun’ read than a lot of my work, so I’m looking forward to showing you all a lighter side of me πŸ˜‰ I can do funny! No-one dies! Well, not really… Okay, not going to say any more because it’s just a novella and I don’t want to give too much away just yet.

Can’t wait πŸ™‚ This story had me laughing out loud as I rewrote it, and I really hope that those who read it will do the same. More on that at a later date.

Hope you’re all having a good month! Not long until August is upon us now πŸ™‚


SpecFicNZ Best Blogger 2012

I got a lovely email last night from the folks over at SpecFicNZ to officially notify me that I’d been awarded the ‘best blog post’ title for 2012.

I believe there is a lovely prize being sent out, along with this spiffy badge. I’m pretty chuffed about it πŸ™‚ The winning entry was ‘The Perks of Writing in NZ’.



A gift from me

Today is my 31st birthday – wooo! In order to celebrate, I wanted to give something away to one of you, my lovely readers. I wanted something a little unique, and so I went searching on Etsy (oh, how I love Etsy!) and found an item any writer might enjoy, and one that was also in keeping with the AliceΒ theme I seem to have in my head at the moment – it’s a refillable, laminated, index card notebook.

I’m also planning on including a sweet treat with the notebook. But that will be a surprise πŸ˜‰

If you’d like to go in the draw to win, just leave a comment – I’ll pick a winner (using a random number generator) at the end of the week and get that in the post shortly after.

Hope you all have a lovely day! I’ve been awake since 5am, so am expecting Natalie will be back in bed pretty early today and maybe then I can get some writing done (I had visions of getting up early while they were still asleep to belt out some words…).

Anyways, leave a comment, enter the draw! I wish I could give everyone a present, but I’m on a limited budget πŸ˜‰


And the winner is…

Sadie Hart!Β I’ll be emailing out your copy of Tales for Canterbury shortly πŸ™‚ YAY!

Which means…the digital version is now available for download! If you pre-ordered your copy, log in to the website to get yours, if you haven’t, then you can go and purchase a copy now!

It feels amazing to have the digital version released. I feel like I am walking on clouds. Hopefully we’ll be able to update on the print version soon, too πŸ™‚ I can’t believe that a mere three months ago the idea had formed and we were just getting started, and now we have the finished product. It’s been an amazing experience, and I feel really blessed to have been a part of it.

I’ll think of something more eloquent to say about the whole thing later on. In the meantime, I am just going to enjoy the buzz πŸ™‚


And the winner is…

Not me πŸ™‚ but then I never expected it to be!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the results of the latest round of the Search Term Challenge are in!

And Merrilee’s story was beaten out by the wonderful Ruzkin, followed in third place by MCM with another excellent piece. The top three were certainly deserving of their spots, and I was so pleased to see Ruzkins’s tale win, I thought it was slated for the top spot and it was great to see that come about!

My story was The Feud, and you’re welcome to go over and read it if you like. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it now, but it was certainly fun to write (though, possibly not so fun to read…)