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Mid-January update

How is it already the middle of January??? And how has it taken me three days to get around to writing this post? lol

2015 has started out well. So far I have already finished writing the first draft of Alyssa’s novel, finished a round of edits on my next release (more on that later), edited one novel for someone else, and am partway through editing another. Critiqued yet another novel, read several books, spent a lot of time lying on the deck in the sun (reading), swimming in rivers, and hanging out with the kids.

Pretty epic, really.

Despite how busy all of that sounds, I actually feel fairly relaxed. The ‘reading on the deck in the sun’ is a big part of this. I can’t remember the last year when I had time to do this. To just relax and unwind. To disappear into a book – not critique it, not edit it, just enjoy the story. Goodreads would suggest it was 2011, because I read over 100 books that year, and since then it’s been pretty dismal. I’m very much looking forward to reading a lot more books in the months to come. I feel like I’m on holiday, and this is all basically because I’m not studying any more. I knew it was stressing me out, but I had no idea just how much!

Thank goodness I am done with that 😉

I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up in the near future, but will save that for another post! For now, I am off for a bush walk in the rain with a friend.

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Re-forming the habit is hard!

jasdIt’s been a good month or so since I last wrote anything of value. At least, it feels like that long – feels like longer though logically I know it’s not. I’ve had many periods in my life where writing was an unshakable habit. Where I wrote no matter what else was going on. Newborns, sleepless nights, pain, misery, sickness. Academics gets in the way of my creativity like nothing else can though, so it’s an uphill battle right now.

I find it impossible to write creatively while I write academically, but now that the latest batch of assignments are out of the way I’m trying to get back to work on my novel. It’s a struggle, really. But I know I’ve done this before, and I’ll do it again after the next lot of assignments, and the last lot after that. I just wish that re-forming the writing habit got easier with time.

It does not.

So, here I am, reminding myself that I can do this. I can sit down tomorrow morning, find a space of time where the kids are busy with something else and write until I hit 500 words. Because while it’s not tonnes, I know it’s entirely achievable. And I know it will get me a long way towards finishing the scene I am working on right now. And that if I do the same the next day, I’ll probably finish the scene – and that those two little bits of progress will get me MUCH closer to my goal. I will only have two scenes to revise and then I’ll be done. And that is pretty epic.

I can do it. And if I can do it, then you can do it too. Break those goals down and take the first little step.


9 things everyone should know about writers…

Amy (I think?!) linked to this post a couple of days ago now on twitter.

I think these things are very important to know, so I’m passing the link on. The first one in particular made me laugh and nod my head knowingly.

1.WE ARE WORKING. when you call and ask us to hang out (thank you kindly for the invitation!) and we say something to the effect of What ho! Sorry there, friend! Can’t do, today! Working on the manuscript! and you LAUGH AT US? wellllllllll let’s just say maybe we will be writing you into the first book in our series and maybe you will not show up in the second. *

Go on, have a read. Maybe it’ll give you some insight into the life of a writer 😉

*Are you wondering now whether I’ve written you in (or written you off in) a novel? Don’t worry. I think you’re all safe.