For all my good intentions

I can’t dictate the needs of my baby lol. So it is with absolutely no guilt or annoyance that I got no writing done yesterday! Oh it feels great not to feel bad about it.

Sure I care, it would have loved to get something down, but the fact that I didn’t doesn’t impact on me in a negative way.

Hopefully in the next 24hrs or so this mammoth growth spurt will finish and I can carry on. Though there are lots of other things to be doing now – we have the key for the new house!!! Very exciting. Ivy, Lauren and I are off to explore very very soon. Tomorrow I have to be here for the rental agency guy to come and take a look at the house (fingers crossed he has a list of people waiting for a house where you can have a dog and there are people wanting to move in soon), and then Friday I’m off to the bank for that ever so important meeting.

Anyways, better go get the girls ready. Fun stuff!


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