Old habits, new habits

I’ve come to realize that I was pushing myself too hard before. It’s okay, I’m prone to do it from time to time and in small doses there is nothing really wrong with it. It’s just not something that you can sustain long term if you want to keep your sanity, or be a good mum.

Which I do want to be, first and foremost.

So there are some old habits and goals that are going to be sticking around, and some that I am kicking to the curb.

I still want to write every day. I still want to keep up with my crits and make progress with the writing stuff, but I am pretty sure that progress is going to be a little slower than before.

I’m going to be spending a lot less time at the computer – in this house it’s in the far away room, not in an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge space where access is an easy temptation. I’m going to have to learn to use my time a little more wisely and make the most of when I do have hands free access to the thing.

I like that. As much as I’ve missed the internet, and blogging most of all, I’ve really enjoyed not being on this machine so much. It’s been a great break for me, an important one. I’m really cherishing my non computer time, making the most of everything that life has to offer me now instead of restricting it by having this thing on all the time.

That said, strangely I have been more productive with my writing since the net came back on – I thought it was meant to be something to make me procrastinate, not get back into it all! lol

Either way, I’m happy that I’m back blogging, back writing, back critting. I have my list of goals for the month set out and they are looking pretty healthy so far. I’m looking forward to ticking some more things off the list and getting back into business.

And now off to bed! Tomorrow I think I’ll make my goals public and maybe try and set some kind of routine out for myself.


1 thought on “Old habits, new habits”

  1. While you were away, I did the escape thing with laptop or notebooks several times. I really liked it. I’m getting better at turning gmail chat and twitter off when I’m working. Not feeling so obligated to respond instantly.

    It’s good for you to reduce the pressure. My land, Cassie, you were going gangbusters there for a while. Find your happy medium. 🙂

    To be honest, I could be getting so much more done if I were somewhere besides home (and without internet). Might have to schedule a few evenings at the library each week so I can concentrate on those edits. And I don’t have kids at home! For you to have gotten so much done with the girls also is just amazing.

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