So tired.

We had a BBQ here last night. Oh man. 7 kids, 2 teenagers, 10 adults. It was as busy as Ivy’s birthday party! But it all went smoothly which is the main thing, and the rain stopped long enough for us to cook and eat outside which was awesome – our house is not really big enough for that many people I think!

But it was nice because since I move back home I haven’t lived in a house where I could really have people around – the first place had a mega steep driveway that scared people away, the second was just small, too small. But now I have a social house and it’s nice to know that I can have gatherings here, though next time I think I’ll opt for a smaller crowd πŸ˜‰

I didn’t get anything done yesterday. Nothing writing related. As much as I wanted to clear some of the crit work it was just far more important to play with Lauren. This seems to be the new trend. I simply don’t want to miss anything. She’s changing so quickly, learning new things all the time and I want to be there for all of it, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching her, playing with her, smiling at her and seeing her smile back at me, or even just the way she snuggles into me when I’m holding her.

Today then, I’ll get some crit stuff done!

Everyone else is still asleep. It’s 8.15am, this doesn’t happen very often. Soon though, I’ll have to wake Ivy at least. She has dancing this morning, and then a birthday party. The girl’s busier than I am I think! lol It’s so neat though, watching her blossom like this, developing new skills and friendships. Ooo I think I hear her… better go.

Two days. The weekend, and then I have to start getting into some kind of routine. I keep telling myself that. I hope I can follow through on it.


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