Solo parenting for two days.

And getting nothing done!!! It’s okay though, it’ll really hit home tonight when I can’t hand Lauren over to Hubby for awhile so that I can get writing done. It’s okay, it’s just until tomorrow night, and then we can get back to normal and I can get back to working on TCM.

I miss writing it, even though I had something to do with it yesterday. I still haven’t finished adding bits in to where I am at, and I might try and do a little of that tonight if Lauren will give me a chance.

Tomorrow is hair cut day! I’ll have to take a before photo tonight – it’s horrible, really, really bad. I’ve been tying it up for months on end now because it’s just too bad to let loose most days, though now and then it looks pretty great. I have  no idea what to get done to it, but anything is better than how it is now. Mum is coming with me so that she can hang on to Lauren, lol I was going to be fine about leaving them alone together, but Mum thought it would be easier this way, just in case Lauren does need me.

Anyway, better dive back into the fray – it’s gone quiet, which only means that Ivy must be up to something.


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