I don’t like my haircut lol, was bound to happen right? It feels a lot better than it did before, now that the damaged hair is done, but I’m looking forward to it growing out and hope that as it does, the style will develop into something I actually like. It’ll do in the meantime! Will post some pics later but I only have a couple minutes before leaving to pick hubby up from the airport.

We last the two days easily – I was even happy all day yesterday, even with Ivy home all day, and that was really nice. Then today Lauren and I had some really fun times, oh she’s so darned cute.

I’m now looking forward to sleep tonight as I stupidly stayed awake reading until 11pm. gah!!! so much later than I normally sleep, but I’m getting so close to the end of the book and I just want to see how it all pans out in the end. So badly.

Tomorrow is a watching day for Ivy’s dancing, and I’m going to attempt to capture some of it on vid, if I do, I’ll post it up on here, she’s just so adorable when she’s dancing, well, shes adorable other times too but in particular when she’s out there on the floor being all cute and growing up before my eyes.

Anyway, better go…. not much writing done, but not too phased by it. It’s taxing running around after two kids by myself with no reprieve. I’ll hopefully make up for it in the weekend as Ivy is off to WOMAD with my Mum tomorrow for about four hours.

I knew it was happening, and yet for some reason my brain hadn’t clicked on to the fact that it meant town would be full of WOMADian’s today and for the rest of the weekend. It was SO hard finding a park when I went to the bank today! I love WOMAD, but Lauren’s ears just aren’t really up for all the loud noises yet, maybe me and the girls will get to go together in a couple years time.

Okay, better get them in the car!


3 thoughts on “Ug”

  1. I missed the whole thing this morning 😦 One of the girls was upset and didn’t want to do it, and her crying set Lauren off. Hubby failed to catch any vid! And most of the pics are blurry… I’ll be salvaging what I can to post up later though lol

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