Getting things done

I feel like I’m making progress on several fronts at the moment, and it’s a great feeling.

The mortgage process is finally underway. The gardens are slowly getting done. I’ve finally started working out again! TCM is coming along slowly but surely. And more than anything else, I’m finding myself for the most part blissed-out.

I’m still up 4-5 times a night, still not often getting more than 3 hours sleep in a row, but even on the days when I’m feeling the exhaustion badly I find myself happy. It’s lovely, to be tired and not grumpy, to be tired but able to handle anything that life throws at me – all I can imagine is how great I’ll feel when I’m less tired! Something to look forward to lol.

I started a new blog yesterday. A private one (sorry, I know that’s kind of mean saying I have a new one but you can’t see). I’ve been wanting to start writing letters to my girls for awhile now, and finally set it up – the plan is that when they are older, heading out into the world and all, I’ll print and bind these letters into books, one for each. Both books will contain all the letters because while some will just be for one or the other their lives are ever connected.  Anyway, that’s my latest project, one more for the list 😉



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