March goals

My March goals are looking pretty good – I’ve finished reading through the stories that were submitted for the Collection Challenge over at Kiwiwriters, I’ve started writing TCM, I’ve started making changes to Lifelines based on the feedback I got from one reader, and the only other thing to do was get Dream Dark sorted out. I might manage to get that done, but… we’ll see.

So far this year, despite the very young baby and having hardly any hands free time I’ve done really well with my goals, even though I tend to overload every month and end up thinking there is no way I could possibly get it all done. The next few months I’ve left pretty blank – giving myself time to ease back into it, not being so hard on myself and not expecting more than I should. I’d like to think that I’m starting to learn from my mistakes and be a little kinder to myself than I have in the past. I’m my own worst enemy as they say, and my expectations of myself are much higher than anyone elses.

Anyway, off to dancing with Ivy soon, and then onwards into the weekend! I’m hoping to get stuck into Lifelines a little more, but as always it’ll depend on how much time I can sneak in.

A mothers work is never done.


2 thoughts on “March goals”

  1. Meeting Goals. There is no greater feeling in the world. So empowering. Sounds like you are in a good place with your endeavors… all 50,000 of them. (Seems like it sometimes when your plate is as full as yours is, doesn’t it?)

  2. Thanks Ken, I feel like I’m in a good place. Looking forward to the rest of the year and being able to look back and go ‘gee, I managed all of that with a couple small children on the go?’ lol

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