Once upon a time…

there was a girl who struggled to get any writing done in the weekends. This was rather frustrating because logic suggested that it shouldn’t have been a problem.

Eventually she gave up the dream of writing a lot during the weekends and resigned herself to slogging away during the week and finding a few minutes each on Saturday and Sunday so that she could get just a little bit done.

One day though, things changed.

Actually, it wasn’t magically on one day, it was more that she realized that somehow weekends had opened up a little and she was getting a lot more time to write.

How that happened after the addition of a baby to the family is a complete mystery. One she is happy to leave unsolved as long as she is getting time to write.


4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…”

  1. So the answer to getting ME to write during weekends involves at least having a baby? I’ve never been able to write in weekends. I guess it’s mostly just because it’s the first time in my week that I can actually just sit and relax. Funny that the time when we have the MOST time to write, we can’t.

  2. lol you could have a baby, but you’d have to also have a four year old – it was impossible to write with just one child around. Strangely.
    I’ve long been envious of those people who finish work for the week and have time to write. A mother’s/domestic goddesses work never ends.

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