We went out this morning to get some easter eggs to make into little gift packs for the family this morning and what did we see? The first load of snow on the mountain!!!!

No wonder it’s been so cold!!!

And it’s no superficial coating either, it’s a decent load, down as far as it often comes in the middle of winter (although, we’ve had fairly mild winters lately – maybe we’re in for a cold one this year!).


Oh I LOVE seeing snow on the mountain.


4 thoughts on “Squee!”

  1. Pretty!

    I’m glad winter is ending here in this hemisphere though. So ready for warmer weather. I’m done with snow, at least until Christmas πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Stick a mountain under it, and snow is spectacularly beautiful ( I second Dara’s plea for warmer weather…. the middle of the U.S. is certainly due!

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