Climbing out of the hole

It’s been a rough week, really. Not a lot has been done around the house, or with my writing.

Ah well! I’m not going to feel bad about it, though hubby has finally complained about the lack of clean work clothes – I simply told him that the fairy who does his laundry must have gone on strike.

Anyways, I seem to be slowly climbing my way back out of the hole I’ve been in. My head is a little clearer, thinking doesn’t seem so hard, and the house work is getting caught up on.

Oh and I’m back into my writing full force. I was doing a little but no more than about 400-500 words a day. I’ve found my way back to TCM and am looking forward to making some decent progress with that over the weekend.


And of course, it’s Easter, which means lots of chocolate – wooo!


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