Struck down

Hi there, I’m still alive! Though I didn’t feel much like it the last two days. Turns out I got a rather unpleasant stomach bug and was forced into hibernation (well, as much as a mother of two can hibernate).

Nothing has been done, and as I am still recovering, I don’t expect a lot to get done today, or possibly even tomorrow either.

It wasn’t the best timing, in that I had things I wanted to blog about but just couldn’t summon the strength to. My house is still in a state of chaos from Easter, but hopefully that will be fixed by the end of the weekend.

Eventually, there has to be an end to this seemingly endless string of illnesses of one member of the household or another. And after that, surely an end to constant fatigue. Eventually.

Signing off for now, and crawling back into bed to rest for just a little longer.

Hope you’re all doing well.


2 thoughts on “Struck down”

  1. Oh, do be gentle with yourself… there is nothing worse than resurfacing from an illness with mountains of obligations, and then getting sick again.

    Preschool bugs…. blame it on those. In my house, one of us has been sick since Feb (not usually the case) and I blame preschool!

    Good luck!

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