Anzac Day


Today is Anzac Day, and while I didn’t go to any services this morning, I’m sitting at home remembering those lost in the war. I even watched a little of the Anzac special on this morning but today always makes me sad.

Not just because of what we’re remembering, but because my Grandad was in that war, and he’s not here now. Sometimes watching the faces of the other men who served and are still alive today just gets me. I wish he was still here today but it’s been almost a decade since he died.

I remember hearing the stories, hearing how he lied about his age so that he could go. It feels like the world that my grandparents lived in is so far away from where we are now, and yet here we are, wars happening all over the world, men and women coming home scarred in ways that they probably don’t even realise. Still. I guess that’s always going to happen.

Anyways. Love you Grandad. I salute you.


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