Yay, not so yay.

Today the courier came, he dropped me off a box of writing books! Kerryn has loaned me her stash while she’s away in the UK and I am looking forward to diving into them and learning some new things.

Also, last night I got my first phone call about the writer’s group! I’ve since dropped her an email and we’re going to try and set up a time for the three of us to catch up – hopefully we get some more phone calls soon. That would be cool.

The not so yay news is that my laptop had an accident last night. I think I only lost a little bit of writing (thank goodness!) and am pretty sure that all the important things on it were backed up. That’s what I’m telling myself anyways! Hopefully we’ll hear back from the repair place tomorrow, and then from the insurance company as well. I’m already missing it actually, it’s been cold and I’d much rather be sitting in the lounge with the laptop where it’s warm. Fingers crossed that I get a laptop of some kind or another in the near future!

P.S I think the body snatching cleaning alien has further released me from it’s hold. I’ve had quite large chunks today where I didn’t think about cleaning, and the thoughts are coming at a more reasonable pace than yesterday – woo!


3 thoughts on “Yay, not so yay.”

  1. ignore all odd desires to grasp a broom or clench a cleaning rag. purge them, actually. in fact, you must excise the cleaning demon 🙂 otherwise, you’ll be lost in cleaning hell & you’ll never find your way back. It’s a black hole for lost words and missing stretches of writing time…

    i know. I’ve been there.

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