Thoughts on what comes next

The other day I was around at my Mum’s, and broached the topic of future career. I said, ‘I think I know what I’m going to do for a career.’

She looked at me and said something along the lines of, ‘I thought you were writing?’

It’s a pretty validating thing when your mother thinks that your writing is good enough that it can be the thing you do for a career, or at least, that she has enough faith in you to think that you could just write and make enough money off it.

The reality is that we don’t NEED an extra income, though a supplementary one would be VERY welcome. If I coud make money off writing in the next couple of years I possibly wouldn’t bother pursuing a second career choice. But as we all know so well, there are no guarantee’s in the writing industry, so it pays to have a back up plan!

Mine is to become a counsellor. I’m giving myself (and the girls) next year off so that a) I can have a year of just writing and being a mum – no pregnancy, wedding, study or anything else going on, b) have lots of time to transition Ivy into school and make sure she’s getting a good start there and c) hang out with Lauren and give her lots of time and attention and d) it’ll be my best shot at finally getting some of my novels ready for submission and working on getting published.

I’ll be looking around for some volunteer work to do though, probably with Lifeline or a similar group because I need some formal experience in a ‘helping people type work’ in order to get into the course – which I will be studying part time extramurally over three years so that I can max out my Mum time with the girls.

If I had that experience I’d go ahead and apply this year, but I don’t, and the interviews are in 3 months which isn’t enough time for me to get my stuff together I don’t think.

It’s both scary and exciting to think about studying again. I love learning new things, flexing my brain and all that. But at the same time I now have two kids to juggle instead of just the one, so it’ll be handy that Ivy will be in school I think.

Part of me wants to do it all now, but I think that having the extra time will mean I’m more balanced and really ready to do it all, and do it well. I dislike putting things on hold, but in this case, it’ll be the best thing I can do for our family (I think!).


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on what comes next”

  1. Good on you – that sounds like a well thought out plan. Are you going to do it through Massey? I used to work with someone who did a Masters in counselling at Massey (I think!) and spoke highly of the programme.

    I’m in a similar position in some ways. I’m in paid employment and it’s certainly not a bad job but nor is it a career really. So really it’s between carrying on doing similar work but focusing on writing, or trying to make a real career, with all the effort that entails.

    I think your study, and thinking about how people think and feel, can only help your writing though.

  2. definitely give you and your family that year to get Ivy settled and enjoy Lauren’s babyhood. they are only this small once.

    then you can dive into school!! đŸ™‚

    and how cool that your mum considers your career a writer… hoot hoot!!!

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