June 1st

The day is almost done (well, for me anyways), and so far it’s gone really well! For the writing anyway – I’m currently sitting just under 1.5k, which is a great start to the challenge.

I tried hard to get my dinner time writing session under way, but Ivy was intent on spending time with me. I told her that she could sit and do some drawing/writing quietly while I did my writing/cooked dinnerm but Ivy’s idea of ‘quietly’ is really not the same as mine.

Had to laugh, she was trying to sign/mime to me instead of talking lol that’s just as disruptive, and I’m really lousy at tuning my kids out. I thought I wasn’t going to get any peace at all, but then she did just focus on her drawing and we had a nice little quiet time together – and it WAS nice, it’s not often that Ivy is quiet for long at all, and I think it’s probably good for her to learn that you don’t always have to talk to enjoy being in someones company.

Anyway… I’m cutting into more writing time with this post, so I’m going to keep it short.

I’m really enjoying getting back into TCM, and have introduced another one of the lines of the story. I think it’s coming together okay, but we’ll see sometime in the future when I actually read back on it! I have been thinking ahead, and the rest of the novel is forming up more solidly in my mind as I go.

As an aside, Tama is tempting me with serial fiction. I think I’m going to give it a go once TCM is done with, just have a little fun in an action packed world. We’ll see.


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