June 3rd

Gee, how did I not post before now? lol

Yesterday was a good writing day in the end, despite not feeling like I was going to do anything. Once Hubby was home I handed the girls over, told him I was writing, shut the door to the office, put on my headset and shut out the rest of the world.

I got my thousand words done then, and came back to write another 500 or so later on, so all in all a good day 🙂 Felt nice to have over 4k under my belt by the end of day three.

Anyways… write more later, sounds like Hubby is having dramas with one of the girls lol I’ll let you guess which 😉


4 thoughts on “June 3rd”

  1. Haha, palming the girls off on Simon, were you? I bet you really had to crank the music in order to drown out the sound. I’m glad you were able to get some writing down, though. For my part, by the time we were done I was just tired so I went to bed not too long after. Never realized that a long list of names could be tedious and tiring!

    1. lol that was only last night! this post was late, about the day before – amazingly though I DID write last night! I was stunned!
      Thanks so much for your help though Chibi, no way I would have got it done without you.

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