June 10

So, ten days into the month and I’m exactly where I should be – sitting just over 10,000 words. I’m trying not to write more or less, but just ‘around’ that thousand figure because it’s so much easier on my tired brain to work with. That said, I’d love a day where I could write more more more, get further and deeper into this story.

I need some things to happen, and right now I can’t see what they are. I’ve got places where I want to be, and I haven’t figured out how to get there.

Oh BAM, yes I know now. I LOVE blogging, it often seems as if all I need to do is write that I’m having a problem, and the perfect solution to unstick me will come up as I type the words down.

Now I wish I could get right into my writing this second – but, kids, play date, arg. I’ll be able to mentally mull these next scenes over, one of which will include the introduction of a new character, a big character. I can’t wait!!!

Okay, better get these girls sorted and get outta here. But later, I will be writing, and it will be beautiful.


4 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. Yes! I find that too. If I’m having a problem, if I blog about it… or even start to rant about it to a friend, the problem works itself out. It’s the magic of writing.

  2. Me too! I often find the solution when I think about it in a different way by expressing it to others, rather than just have it go reound and round in circles in my head.

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