So beautiful

I just had to post quickly – have been at my writing while cooking dinner and it’s been so peaceful and wonderful and things are coming together within the story just, oh just so beautifully! I thought that I was going to struggle with this new character and my choice of direction, and while I know that ahead there are going to be certain barriers to overcome, in the meantime I’m having a blast with him.

Not that he’s done a lot, or shown up much, or really anything, but the idea of who/what he is, and how it’s going to impact on the rest of the novel is just great. I have my main character wondering whether she’s going a little bonkers or not, and trying to solve problems way too big for her, but it’s just so much fun to write.

I’m at this point where I want to keep writing, but my dinner is going to be ready in just a few minutes, and I have to eat, and then bathe the girls, and get them to bed, and read stories and all that jazz. I’m pretty sure I’ll have lost my writing buzz by the time I do get a chance to get back to the laptop – but at least I know that the next scene will be brewing away under the surface.

Gee, I better not write any more actually, or I’m not going to sleep a wink tonight!

Ah the fun of writing. Man, I love it.


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