250 words

Over the last few days I’ve noticed myself writing in 250 word blocks, not stopping when I get to them, but counting them off. I think because I’m tired and getting close to the end of the challenge.

250 = 1%, and I’m currently sitting at 92%.

In some ways it’s a little sad knowing that if I had one uninterrupted hour I’d hit that 25,000 total word goal, but right now I’m going to be happy with each 250 words I reach.  Each 1% closer I get.

And Ill keep telling myself how unstoppable I’m going to be when I’m getting a full nights sleep and my baby is sleeping more than 45mins unassisted.


7 thoughts on “250 words”

  1. As tiring as it often seems, taking care of a little one can be a joy. I often enough wondered when I would be able to return to my own world, and of course that never happened. At least, not as often as I would like. I had to figure out how to divide my time.

    Hey, 250 words or fifty words is an accomplishment! I try to keep my goal at a thousand words a day, but often enough that just doesn’t happen. You have written more than I have the past two days! Sometimes, whatever amount that you write is exactly the amount that you needed for your story and thought process.

    You are unstoppable already! I see a fierce determination! Hey, your write a blog, a book, and take care of a wee one! Life is grand, eh?

    1. Thanks 🙂 Life is definitely grand! I adore my girls, but it’s nice to be able to escape into my writing when I do get a chance. The reality of being a parent is that life is never going to be the same as it was pre-children, and we tend not to want it to anyway, they are just such a blessing!

      I think 1,000 words a day is a really realistic goal 🙂 I really like your idea of whatever you’re able to write being what you need to for the story and process, it’s a really positive way to look at it.

  2. This is why I made the move to handwriting my first draft 🙂 It’s far too easy on the computer just to check the wordcount every couple of minutes, and it really stalls the creative process!

    1. I can barely read my hand writing these days lol and lets not even mention the fact that my 4 year old draws on every piece of paper she can get hold of and the baby will try to eat any she finds! hehe in fact, knowing I’m getting something done makes me feel good, I can see it all adding up and thinking about four lots of 250 seems a lot easier than thinking about 1,000 words some days even if they do add up to the same thing!

  3. I still can’t imagine writing with two little kids running around. Just the one we had visiting for a few days had me losing focus anytime I was home. 250 words is still a nice increment! It’s also much more manageable. I know days when I’m busy I’m aim for 250, if I hit it early on I aim for 300 and so on. But if all I get for that day is 250, then I’m happy with that. It’s still words on the page, it’s still time with that story… ^_^

    Keep going, you’ll pass the finish line before you know it!

  4. I just had to stop and say that I am in a very simialr situation, excpet that mine are not such babies any more, and we are just just just starting to sleep. It will happen! Yet, this has not changed the fact that I have the hardest time getting out more than about 250 words without having to stop and do something, even if it’s just to walk around the house. the kids have me well trained! lol.

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