25,000 words, done

I’m happy to announce that I managed to find an hour yesterday (here and there) and I finished the months challenge of writing 25,000 words. I still need 5k to hit my ‘1k a day’ personal goal, and I’ll push on with that in the hopes of getting closer to finishing the novel.

I hit a really good patch in it yesterday, and it wasn’t the finish line drawing me on but the story itself, I just wanted to stay and write, all the little pieces were clicking and it was bliss.

Which isn’t to say that I’m under any illusion that it’s decent quality. I know I’m tired, and while things are clicking in my mind, I’m sure on second reading the story is lacking a lot of depth – I’m not worried, I’m well aware that can all be fixed on a rewrite. One day I hope not to have to rewrite so much, but for now, that’s just the way it is. Better to have the story there to edit than to have it still in my head. The important thing for now is to keep going, keep writing, and I have this feeling that the end is going to come around a lot quicker than I originally thought!

Later today, I’m going to write a list of things that need to be tied up before the end of the story so that I don’t miss anything major, and I think I’ll feel slightly better organized after that.

Aside from that, I still have the Collection to finish working on, and a winner’s certificate to design! I’m going to try and get those done by the end of Friday so that my weekend resembles some actual ‘time off’.

Not long now until July!! Woo!


6 thoughts on “25,000 words, done”

  1. Awesome! Great job!

    Yup, don’t worry about the editing process just yet. No work ever written is perfect, and trust me, there are enough nit picky bastards out there sharpening their knives.

    “-all the little pieces were clicking and it was bliss.” That’s the most important, especially right now. That is truly a wonderful sensation, and it’s almost depressing having to return to reality sometimes… don’t you think?

    A list is great! If I’m not using One Note, then it’s the cork board on my wall mapping out sections of the novel.

    You are fantastic, full of passion and ideas! No word goal can keep you down!

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