Oh gee

No posts for a couple of days! Show’s how much writing I’ve been getting done huh 😉

Lauren’s been pretty clingy with this whole tooth thing, but I think the worst of it has passed as it’s cut through the surface now. Sharp little thing it is! Will be so weird once it’s up further, gonna miss her gummy little smile, though I guess before I know it, she’ll have a mouthful of teeth. If there is one thing that having kids does very well it’s remind you how short life is, how quickly things change.

Anyways… I did actually finish reading chapter one of LotR last night, though I started my rewrite of it a few days ago. I knew the gist of it, and once I had my idea I just wanted to start getting it down on paper. I’m excited about it, though at this point I think it’s moving too far from the original to be classified a rewrite! lol it does show that you can take a pre-existing idea and generate new ones from it I guess. We’ll see, gonna reign it in a little.

As for TCM, I’ve added about 1k to it over the last few days. The pace has definitely dropped a little, but baby comes first, so it’ll get done when it gets done. I’m hoping that the end of the month will see ‘the end’, then I can get back to Lifelines.

To throw another spanner in the works, I had this dream last night. WOW, what a doozy. It’s got major potential for a book of it’s own, there is no way I can cram it into a short as far as I can see. I love love love the images I have running around upstairs, but I have to cool it off somehow. Explosions and double crossing, intergalactic espionage – I want!

Ah yes, new shiny, if it was a short, then I’d jump on it right now, as it is, all I can do is jot down everything from the dream that I can remember, and start thinking about how to fill in the gaps, because there are plenty of questions that need answering before I can write it. Well, and TCM to finish… and Lifelines to get sorted… someone really needs to invent a way to extend the hours of the day! Though I guess, if I had more, I’d still want to spend most of them with the girls…

In general, I’m feeling anything but stressed, relaxed, sleeping okay, chilling out. I’m doing great on the chill out front and not even worrying too much that I’m not making enough progress. It’s enough, and I’ve got a whole month set aside for taking it easier, I have to stick to that otherwise I’ll be back into everything boots and all, and just as stressed as I was before. Ah balance, the lesson that is always begging to be learned. Maybe this time huh?


3 thoughts on “Oh gee”

  1. Okay, seriously, slap your dreams already. Clearly, your subconscious is so pissed you ignore it during the day it’s forcing you to listen at night. LOL. Sounds like you’re busy – busy – busy as always, but at least now you’ve got a bit of a break from KW. That should give you a little more time, though from the sound of it, not nearly enough!

  2. Bright and Shiny Ideas are going to be the death of us all! Just remember, you’re not supposed to get TOO busy this month. 😛

    I need to read the LOTR chapter tonight… thanks for reminding me!

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