There are no Ants

As far as I can tell (other than being less stressed and sleeping better that is) the reason things feel so different is because there are no ants.

I know it’s not very deep, or exciting, but I realized that the ants are gone and so too is the crushing knowledge of their presence.

You might not feel the way I do about ants. In and of themselves, I don’t have a problem with them, but when they are infesting my house, attacking our food stores, when they are crawling over even clean benches and dishes in order to find a trace of anything edible… yuck, just yuck. Everywhere, in everything, crawling over light switches and walls. Just yuck.

It builds up on you – when will you see them next? What packet of food will you be about to use when you realize that the ants are inside it?

And for the record the house isn’t dirty, food isn’t left lying around the place (well, when Ivy isn’t hiding it anyways…), the ants are not everywhere all the time, they come and go, but you always suspect that they are there somewhere.  Waiting, lurking….

So yes, we finally got a new bug spray thingy and the ants have disappeared. I hadn’t realized it had been a few days since I’d last seen them, but I saw a couple this morning, dead legs sticking up in the air, and smiled.

No more ants.


4 thoughts on “There are no Ants”

  1. Lol!! That cracks me up! I hate ants. Whenever I find them I generally swallow a scream and then hand my hubby a can of flyspray. He’s great at sorting them out! So, ew, just ew.

    1. lol, it certainly makes a difference. We never had a problem with them until we moved to Palmy, and I swear the city is built on a giant ant hill. Dale hates them, and went on a personal vendetta to kill as many as possible. It only took about 3 yrs for him to work out a poison that works amazingly, and we haven’t had ants inside the whole year 🙂

  2. oh goodness we had some late last month right before my hubby left, then while he was gone… totally paralyzing!!! 😦

    I sprayed some stuff along the kitchen baseboards, that seems to have done the trick, but the sugar bowl is still hiding out in the fridge…

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