Forging ahead

Well, not much sleep last night either, but I’m in dire need of feeling like I’m getting something done, so I fell back on mind games to get me into gear this day.

While the last thing I wanted to do was get organized, I forced myself to get the girls dressed and fed, the lounge tidied. I did the dishes, put the corned beef in the slow cooker and vacuumed the house.

The beauty of routine, habit, cleaning, whatever you want to call it, is that once you start moving, it gets easier to keep moving. No matter how tired I get, if I can summon the energy to get through the basics done, I know I’ll feel better and be more likely to get to the writing stuff.

Not that that’s happened yet… I started writing this post this morning, with the best of intentions. But Ivy woke Lauren after she’d been asleep for like 5 minutes, and L wouldn’t go back to sleep, so it was a long morning… unfortunately she didn’t get a lot in the afternoon either… ah, the joys of sick children.

Anyways, despite my own head ache and running nose, I’m hoping to take the laptop to bed in about an hour and get some writing done before falling asleep, I’m desperate to get back into TCM and make some more headway. The end of the month is fast approaching and I REALLY want to have the first draft done by then.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Forging ahead”

  1. Thanks for the luck! and Merrilee, I think it has a lot to do with being close to the end of this draft, I usually get a burst of energy around here in a manuscript because the end is in sight and there are so many other fun things to do!

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