The DVD’s from our wedding arrived today. One of my uncles in Aussie has been putting it together for us and it’s finally here, a year and a half after the wedding.

I want to watch it.


But I am being good so far, I even emailed hubby to ask if he wanted me to wait til he got home. I have no idea how interested he is in watching it. Part of me wants to not watch it either, but I really want to. I wasn’t thinking about the video on the day, I was just having a blast. I don’t need a video to tell me that it was a fun day and I guess part of me is worried it might change my memories of it.

But then, at the end of the DVD is where all our friends and family went and spoke to the camera, leaving messages for us. If there is one thing I want to see it’s that. What did they all say? Who went and left a message?

I can wait, I can… but man it’s really got me sidetracked. I really want to watch those messages.

Hurry up and email me back hubby! I even called, but he must be out at lunch….


7 thoughts on “Temptation”

  1. At least you got yours even if it’s a year and a half later 🙂 A friend of ours took the video of our wedding and reception and it’ll be two years come October 😛 They live in W. Virginia now, a good six hours from where we live, and are currently building a house. So I figure I may be lucky to see it by my 5th anniversary…or perhaps 10th.

    1. Whenever you do get it, it’ll be a lovely reminder of that special day 🙂 Now that I’ve watched it, I’m glad it took this long to get here.

  2. It sounds fab! I’ve only watched the video of the ceremony for our wedding. The rest had to be converted in some techie way that hubby of course did just before we left NZ. I don’t even know if we brought it with us.

    It was my mum’s 50th birthday the other weekend and there was plenty of video taken for my benefit. My cousin even got people to say hi to me. I just know I’m going to get a huge dose of homesickness when I watch it!

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