Yeah I give up

I’m trying too hard, and it’s not working, so once again, I’m just letting go and no doubt amazingly I’ll find some time to write later today. And if nothing else, at least I won’t be feeling so frustrated about not making any progress.

In the meantime, I’m reading, rocking my sick grumpy baby, and thinking about all kinds of things – from three short stories in the works now (yes I KNOW, I have to stop beginning stories in my head while I think and then NEEDing to write them down), to potential paint colours for the walls in each room, to costume design for a pirate party I am going to next month. I AM going, even if it’s just for an hour.

It’s beautiful outside, the washing is almost all done, the house is pretty tidy and my husband is finally learning to drive. Life in general is good, and I’m keeping that in mind.

And the writing can wait, it’s not going anywhere, eventually, there will be time.


5 thoughts on “Yeah I give up”

    1. It is lol I have sooooo many ideas right now, but I guess that’s always the way right? I guess because life is so busy and full, there is a lot going on to feed my imagination. It’s a good thing.

      1. Have you thought about getting a tape recorder? If you kept it in a pocket, you could record ideas while rocking your sick, grumpy baby.

  1. lol yes, I had considered it, my train of thought is often interrupted and the tape would have more of ‘mama-mama-mama’ ‘ra ra ra’ and ‘Mummy, can I… ‘Mummy I want…’ on it than myself. I put notes into my cell phone to save any ideas that do jump up, but it’s not as fun as actual writing.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t try to use my iPod Touch to work on Starbreaker, either. Of course, it doesn’t help that the built-in notepad application doesn’t sync with my computer, so anything I typed into my iPod would have to be retyped. 🙂

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