Did I really write this?

I’m editing (go me!) and I got really caught up in the story and thought to myself – did I really write this? – it’s better than I remember, much better, there are some lovely images and nice character building and, well I don’t know, I guess I’m just really enjoying this story in a way I didn’t realize I would.

I obviously have plenty of space from it, and am reading it slower than I normally would. I can see now why my friends and family enjoyed this novel so much, and I’m really looking forward to giving them copies this Christmas.

2006, just after I’d written it the first time, I gave it to my parents, brother, in laws, a cousin, and a friend. I’m really interested to see what their take on it is now after three years of existing, a rewrite which doubled it’s length, and several months of editing and polishing. Hopefully it’s favourable – I certainly believe that this story is a lot stronger than it was back then.

Just as well really 😉


8 thoughts on “Did I really write this?”

  1. Ah but that’s the joy of writing! And why you leave things a while before editing, I think. It’s always good when you hit somthing like that. It’s like hitting the center of a chocolate, and you didn’t know the insides were gooey.

  2. I find that something I absolutely loathed when I was writing it, turns out to be bearable with shiny bits a few months afterwards. Gives me hope 🙂

    Edit on!

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