A Timeline

I was emailing Karen yesterday and she mentioned that she was trying to do a chapter a day on her novel editing.

I realized that I’d been doing roughly that (though, more like, 2 chapters every two days), and decided that I’d set myself the same kind of timeline. It was amazing to think that within a month, I could be finished this round of editing. In my head I had this lasting forever, or until much later in the year and it was freeing to see that I could get this round finished well before then.

Of course this does mean I need to get two chapters done today, but hopefully that won’t be a problem.

Onto other non-writing things: We’ve pretty much decided on a colour for the kitchen walls, which is fab. The three test pots we got were all wrong but it’s made us realize what we do want and it won’t be hard to find the right one now. I feel good about the decision and think we’ll have a house we really love the look of when it’s all done. Hubby has banned me from painting the hallway though, until the kitchen is sorted, which is a bit sad but he’s doing it for all the right reasons!

I’m yet to get back into the garden, but the weather should be nicer tomorrow so I can get onto it then – planning to get veges in next weekend!

And this morning we had… well, three of my friends and their 6 kids over for morning tea which was chaotic but nice all the same. Hubby was out having a driving lesson with mum (he’s getting pretty comfortable with it by all reports), so it was nice to have a girly catch up. It’s getting harder to get the crew together with more of us working full time, but we’re going to try and do it every other Sunday morning from now on and hopefully it’ll work out! Won’t be long til I am the only mum not working or not too busy for coffee anytime.

Anyway… I managed to get my reviews done for the weekend as well, and am not going to crack into some editing while Lauren sleeps. Hopefully she is down for long enough for me to get at least one chapter out of the way!


1 thought on “A Timeline”

  1. yeah for girly time! I remember friends circled around our kitchen table, kids in school, just the best time. 🙂

    and hurry for timed editing, so to speak. otherwise it can just go on and on and on…

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