Still sick

No editing done yesterday, possibly none today – but I’m okay about that. I might be okay to get some done this afternoon, but right now my number one priority is kicking this cold. We had a decent nap yesterday afternoon which helped some, but it’s moved from my head into my chest today and I’m coughing stuff up, rather unpleasant!

Anyway… I’ve been thinking a lot about the next steps, and strangely last night dreaming about book releases lol weird, not like I even have a finished book but I guess my subconcious is skipping merrily into the future.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in another country. I mean, I love NZ but we’re tiny, we have like 1 agent in the country (last time I looked) and she doesn’t deal with genre fiction. In fact, unless you write non-fiction, children’s books, cook books etc, you pretty much have to look outside of NZ for much variety at all. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs, one which the Speculative Fiction organization we’re putting together is hoping to be able to change in the future.

Anyways, I am going to check out whether there are any options in NZ first, and then look outside – all I can say is thank heavens so many agents etc take email submissions now! Otherwise I’d be totally screwed 😉


12 thoughts on “Still sick”

  1. Get ell soon, JC!

    As for how small NZ is, I totally get it (as my daughter’s generation might once have said.) Australia isn’t exactly running over with agents and publishers either (although at least we still have PIR to preserve what there is.)

    But it’s a very big world out there and you will probably find US and UK agents and publishers much more interested in your work that your local guy – just because there are so many of them.

    1. Well, somebody had to get Sara Douglass published, so I wouldn’t write off Australia just yet. 🙂

      JC, if your cold has moved down into your chest and you’re coughing up crap, that’s a good thing. In my experience, that usually means that you’ll be getting over it soon.

      1. good, I hope you’re right Matthew!

        Graham, you’re right about it being a big world, thankfully it’s made smaller (distance wise) by the internet. It’ll be interesting to see what I can see.

  2. Poor JC! Lots of fluid, forget the editing, sleep while you can 🙂

    And yes, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of Antipodean agents. Certainly no high-profile ones.

  3. I think whether to target agents first or publishers first is particularly relevant to NZ/Australia. There is a NZ association for literary agents, so there’s more like 3… maybe. Once I have my novel ready to submit I’ll be joining the NZ Society of Authors to try and find out some more info about this.

      1. I still want to target NZ first and learn a bit more about the agent/publisher situation. I’m thinking of doing a little investigating and maybe a series of blog posts about what I find out.

        I’m not too worried about finding a home for Family Trust. It’s more about practicing submitting. 🙂

  4. No way, I’ve been sick as well! Hooray for sick people! No wait… that’s not right. I know what you mean about small places, as I’ve found only one agent in Nashville that takes science fiction, and he turned out to be a scam artist. Although, I’m uncertain about how much “art” went into it. SIGH

    1. aw hope you get better soon too 🙂
      Bummer that he turned out to be a scammer! I am sure you’ll find an agent out in the world somewhere though 😉

  5. Okay, now I feel pretty horrible about wishing I might get an agent here on the West Coast. Most of the US agents are in New York, but really, I’m just whinging…

    Especially since I’m not even querying any! 🙂

    hope you feel better soon…

    1. lol thanks Anna 🙂 I think we all need to whinge every now and then 😉 Even if its just so that we can get those thoughts out and get on with things!

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