Ahhhh Monday

Not really my favourite day of the week, but oh well!

We’re all pretty much still sick here, well I am, Lauren is on the mend, Hubby is now sick and home from work for the day, and Ivy is coughing at nights but otherwise she’s fine. Blergh. You know, I think the worst thing about being a Mum is that you don’t get to stay in bed all day when you’re sick. You have to keep on being Mum, and you end up being sick for twice as long as everyone else while Dad’s typically get to stay in bed for a day or two and then feel fantastic and be back off to work.

Anyways, enough whining. Karen has told me that yWriter will read your novel back to you, so I’m going to give that a shot today. It will a) rest my croaky voice and b) hopefully give me a different view on the story as it’s not me reading it. It’ll be interesting if nothing else, and will mean that despite the issues I’m having speaking I can still get on with things.

Aside from this, I’m hoping to get back to Snow White, it’s still August and it would be great to tick it off the list!

I spent yesterday reading The Vector, it’s a really good story, totally hooked me in and I HAD to finish it. It was perfect for this weekend, got my away from Lifelines and gave me some much needed time out from my own writing. It’s important to recharge now and then and I feel like my batteries are sufficiently boosted now. I’m keen to get on with things and for the next couple of weeks it will just be a matter of time management while I try to get the synopsis etc written as well as reading through the first two books of Resurgence and making notes for the third.

Or whatever else happens… I’m open to changes. If I don’t start work on this new novel this month then there is always next. So maybe the short stories will get me in their clutches, or something else that I haven’t forseen just yet.

Anyway… best go and feed the beast (Ivy) she is currently eating us out of house and home, yet another growth spurt, seriously, she’s gonna be the tallest one in the house before we know it.


3 thoughts on “Ahhhh Monday”

  1. Yes, sick mums have to soldier on, while dad’s moaning about how sick he is…drives me batty 🙂

    Look at you, miss organised! Writing like a demon. You’re very inspiring!

    1. Aw thanks 🙂 I think you’re inspiring yourself! It’s so great to have such a solid community of writers on the net. Really keeps you focused I think.

      Drives me batty too…. and they think they have it hard.

  2. And this is why I will never, ever, be a mum. I think you’re crazy and I don’t know how you keep going on!

    You’re really moving through your writing lately, aren’t you? Making me feel so useless, haha. I guess I’ll have to do something tonight just to try and keep up with you.

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