Daylight savings is here

And, I didn’t get out of bed til 8am. Yes, I know it was a trick, but it still felt really good.

The weekend saw the kitchen painted – yay for another job off the list – and the new hob purchased. Hopefully we can get that installed sometime this week and we’ll be cooking.

I also managed to fiddle a bit with the synopsis and start working on a hook for my query letter – I think it’s coming along okay, but am really looking forward to this coming week when hubby is at work, Ivy has daycare and Lauren actually has naps! Seriously difficult to get anything done here on the weekends at the moment.

I’ve spent some more time reading through Branwen as well, and oh, these characters… I adore them. I can’t wait to start writing again! It’s going to be so much fun. I’m about halfway through the first book, but the second is much longer – I’m going to have to start demanding the laptop at night so I can get through it all in the near future and be onto the planning, though I’m already making notes.

Hmm, better cut it short… Lauren is cracking herself up by throwing all my books off the bookshelf lol it’s very funny, but I probably shouldn’t encourage it!!


1 thought on “Daylight savings is here”

  1. It is SO HARD to keep a straight face when books go flying, especially when they are so PLEASED with their accomplishments.

    You have some good one to which to speak! Painting, a lie-in, query letters… Well done!

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