Tidying up

I cleaned my desk yesterday, and put all the books back on the shelves. I got rid of all the clutter and junk that had accumulated and it feels really nice to sit here now. I have some space to think, space to breath, which is exactly what I was hoping for with November not far away now!

The rest of the house is looking pretty good too by the way, I’ve been blitzing all the little tasks that I’ve been ignoring and I can really see that the place is coming together. It’s amazing what a few good cleaning sessions can do to change the way you feel.

Anyway… in the depths of the junk on my desk, I found notes for a story that I have yet to rewrite! I sat down for a few minutes and looked through them while thoughts began to spark and it made me really want to get stuck into the rewrite – I put it through Critters this time last year and got a lot of really great feedback. I may have a chance this month because I actually managed to get back on track with the critique I am working on (three chapters yesterday!).

Following Faith has been put aside for now, though I’ve got lots of plans for when I get the time to rework it. As it stands I imagine I’ll be writing the first draft of Riana for the rest of this year, hopefully finishing up late December, I might do another novella in January (a Kiwiwriters challenge that I like to do every year), at which point I can rework Following Faith… seriously, I have enough work lined up for years to come and thats not counting in any new novels!

Anyways, better get on with the day, there are always things to do.


1 thought on “Tidying up”

  1. Ah, I love the feeling of a clean desk! It helps my head feel clear and uncluttered πŸ™‚ I’ve never had the problem of too many ideas until recently – just before reading this, actually, I wrote a note to myself about a new idea. Sounds like you have a lot of fun projects to tackle, and I’m glad you’re feeling better after the cleaning spree!

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