Yesterdays post – Getting stuff done

First up, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby (not so baby) girl, she’s one today – where has the year gone?? She is absolutely the coolest baby in the world, and I’m allowed to say that because Ivy didn’t become my daughter until she was one and a couple weeks, and not really a baby at all.

Anyways… I’ve been so busy the last few days! I have done two reviews for the efic club, and wrote this months member talk up, all yesterday, and then today I finished writing Kerryn’s critique and sent that back to her this afternoon. I’m fairly sure I remembered to actually attach the document, but we’ll find out soon enough if I haven’t.

Which means I am right on top of things and exactly where I should be – far out. How often does that happen?

Sadly, today while I was playing with Lauren I was slammed upside the head by an old shiny idea. I don’t remember when it raised it’s head the first time, I only know that it came from a dream I had, a very strange dream that I couldn’t get out of my head. I jotted down everything I remembered (it was one of those ones where I was dreaming from several points of view), and never found time to write it.

So now I have to make a decision…. stick with the plan? or throw myself into this other idea?

Tomorrow (well, actually today now), I’ll be pitting the ideas against each other to see which one wins.

Note: other than the last sentence, this was all written yesterday! (27/10/2009), I was going to finish it after I got Lauren to sleep but she kept crawling back on top of me so I decided to hell with it, I’d just get an early night.


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