Life is ALWAYS changing. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it all seems to crash in on us at once and it’s simply down to the individual as to how they deal with it.

I’d like to think I deal well with change, but my head is spinning at the moment with the different things going on.

Today I called what will be Ivy’s school and made an enrollment appointment for Friday next week…. it’s really hit home now that she is actually going to school in a couple of months. I almost wish I could have left it until next year, ignored it for a little longer, but it had to be done. I can’t believe she’s going to be a school kid….

And Lauren will be moving into a room with her sister in the near future… that’s another big change. I know I need to get myself ready for that before I start the process, though I’m not sure how to do that. I like having her here with us. I like snuggling in, I even like the feed in the middle of the night, I love knowing that she’s okay just by listening to her breathing or laying a hand on her tummy and feeling it rise beneath my fingers.

While logically I know she’ll be fine in the other room and that eventually she’ll sleep through the night, that doesn’t mean I feel ‘ready’ for the transition. I’m just going to keep telling myself I have a few months before it has to be done, before there will be a new baby to take her place (or not… I’m going to try to get this next one sleeping in the cot lol though hubby laughed at me when I said this, he just figured we’d have to get a bigger bed to fit all the kids in!).

The dynamic of our little family is going to be shifting, and while it’s exciting and wonderful, it’s also a little scary. Mid next year I’ll have one child at school and two under 2 at home, that’s certainly going to be different!


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